Mobility: A Limiting Factor?

Hey all,

I understand that it may take some time to restore lost mobility, as I have never been really flexible since I was a kid (I am currently 22 years old). My hips and positional strength (upright torso in the bottom of any type of Olympic style squat) are my limiting factors in gaining strength right now. Though I am learning the technique of the Sn and C&J by myself (doing PVC/ broomstick and empty bar work everyday) I think that a major limiting factor for me is mobility, especially in the hips… when dropping under the bar my body almost hesitates to catch because my hips are tight. Hitting solid bottom positions in the front/high bar squat, with even light weight, takes 100% focus on upright posture, and once the weight hits a certain point I lose that powerful arch. This is despite daily stretching of tight areas of the hips and dip belt squats for mobility.

I understand that regaining mobility will take lots of time, but even though I dedicate about 20 minutes per day almost everyday, I have seen very little improvement over the last few weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for me.

Thanks in advance!

When your sitting on your ass watching TV, every time a commercial comes on, stand up, drop down into a bodyweight, flat foot full squat and just sit there till the commercials are done.

When your riding up or down an elevator, drop down into a full squat. I’ll take my backpack off and pretend to be looking for something in it if there are people in the elevator.

When your cooking or doing dishes…thats right, take a few seconds and drop down into a full squat.

Want to really take it to the next level…shit like they do in asia…in a full squat.
Thats maybe going a bite far, but the folks who live there “full squat” everyday of their lives without any limiting factors.

Last thing, quit coming up with logical excuses like i don’t have any hip mobility.
Your 22 for gods sakes. Your at no age to start rattling off excuses, no matter how well thought out you think they are.

Losers go home with excuses, winners go home with the fuckin prom queen.

Oh yeah, you haven’t seen a lot of improvement in a few weeks, thats because its only been a FEW WEEKS.

Ilin has been lifting AND stretching since he was less than 10 years old.
See where you are in a few months.
You will be surprised.


That’s quite the emotional response! That tough guy attitude, from whatever source it may originate, is a little distasteful. To paraphrase a bit, it is no excuse to be rude, no matter how well-thought you think it is.

Settle down a bit, I am sure people on this forum and probably those around you will appreciate it.

I will put your tip to good use, and I appreciate the effort.

It may be distasteful, but he’s absolutely right!! You can’t measure flexibility or mobility gains in weeks. More like months to years!!

Stretch every day. Do the yoga pigeon pose to combat tight hips. Sit in the squat like the other guy mentioned, all the time!!

I do agree with most of what he said, though. Post videos so we can see what you’re talking about, too.