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Mobile Home Parks

Has anyone had any experience living in a mobile home park. My wife and I are looking to move and one of our choices is a mobile home park. It’s fairly nice, in a decent neighborhood and the places are huge for the price (at least in the Bay Area). Are there any things to thing about with these types of homes? Energy cost, heat/cold, structure problems? I have no idea and could really use some help from anyone that has experience. Thanks!

Watch out for tornados they love to eat mobile homes. :slight_smile:

Make sure you have smoke alarms, and keep the batteries changed. When a mobile home catches fire they go fast. Not trying to scare you away from them or anything. I guess M.H.P.'s are like apartments , some are nicer than others.

Are you renting or buying? I would not buy , as you have to rent the space, but if it will save you a few bucks then it would not be a bad thing to rent.

We are renting. Just signed a 6 month lease. We like the place a lot. It’s quite a change for us, but we are needing to save some cash because we want to have kids soon and want to buy a house eventually. We’re getting 100 sq feet more for $500 less bucks a month. We’re excited.

I'd still love to hear of anybody's experience so I'm prepared when we move in. The area's nice. I think the people in the mobile home park are mostly like my wife and I. Middle class income, but stuck in the crazy overpriced Silicon Valley and can't even begin to think about how to afford a half million dollar 1 bedroom/1 bath. Wow, this area is really overpriced.

I feal your pain man. I live in San Mateo county, Burlingame nonethless(Dont ask me how I ended up here I grew up in New Jersy!) I live with 5 other people in probably the worst wreck of a home in this yuppie town. I guess if yur married you wouldnt want to live with other peopele, so I would go with the mobile home regardless of risks. Im just curious where you found a trailor park around here.

Ditto on the smoke alarms. Also, if the thing doesn’t have full skirting, get it done. You don’t want critters living under there. If the lot is not setup for proper drainage, make some changes. You do not want standing water under your home after a rain. Invariably, that is when something underneath will break and you will have to get under there. Also, keep one TV on the weather channel, they attract tonadoes, and people married to their cousins :). Good luck.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll make sure we have good smoke alarms and the skirting is complete. As crazy as the whole tornado thing is, the only place in the Bay Area that I have ever heard of a tornado hitting is Sunnyvale and that is where we are moving. Funny stuff :slight_smile:

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