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Mobile App for Tracking Workouts?


Hello guys . Happy new year to each and every of you . Do you have in mind any Android mobile applications for keeping track of my liftings by exercise? Such as barbell row 80 kg , bench press 130 etc , and a long archive so I can go back to monitor my progress


I’ve just been using a spreadsheet on google sheets, I do a lot of updating from a PC, mostly view only on my phone.


Check out the Strongr app - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/strongr-training-log-for-weight/id1006384985?mt=8


I use Jefit


FitNotes. Free, no ads.


https://www.fitocracy.com/ The best part is it gives you points. Points rock. It also enables you to monitor your progress with graphs and cool shit like that.


Intensity is my favorite. Tracks volume per exercise per workout.