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mMssive Eating great for fat loss

Hey bros, just wanted to let you know… i’ve been on the Massive Eating style diet but with a slight caloric deficit, and it’s been awesome for fat loss. i’m using MD6 with it, and in the past 4 weeks i’ve gotten shredded. give it a shot!

Doug E Fresh…that’s great, big dog! Just wanted to add that I did the same a few weeks back and ended up leaner than ever…but things are about to change:-)

How much of a caloric deficit below your calculated growing calories from the articles are you using? what is your weight also? i would like to see how many cals / lb it worked out to be for you.

Chris…I averaged about 3000 calories/day–my calculations from JB’s equations have me at about 3800-4000 though. However, 3000 was about where I had been before, never getting higher than about 3500 on training days and normally below 3000 on recovery days. My bodyweight is around 160, which works out to 18.75 cals/lb. I probably could have got away with 19-20x and still achieved the same results.

I’m 190 right now, a little over 200 when I started. I was eating 4000 calories a day through my CUTTING phase! Isn’t that awesome! Before I started Massive Eating I thought 4000 was about perfect for bulking, but I guess not when using the carb/protein and protein/fat combo meals. I can’t remember what the math added up to for bulking, but I’m pretty sure I remember it being over 5000 cals.

I’m about to up the calories even higher than JB suggests, upwards of 6000 cals a day, along with an Andro/Nandro cycle. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Wow, this goes against the grain for me. Im used to hanging around 12 cals/lb to diet and go up to 15/lb every few weeks and then back down. Doing my numbers for massive eating I get 4500 cals. Taking 15% off that gives me about 3800 calories to DIET. Being at 218 thats 17.3XBW as opposed to the 2650 that 12XBW gives me. Did you still stick to the macronutrient suggestions (ie 40/30/30) That looks like 285gms carbs, 380gms protein and 126gms fat over what i would guess to be 7 meals. correct ?

Doug and Timbo – how long did you diet for anyways?

yep, that’s right.

Doug and Timbo – how long did you diet for anyways?