MMC for Serratus

how do you get a good MMC for the serratus? I’m going to start incorporating pullovers and serratus crunches, but I doubt I’ll be able to feel it much

for a long time i had trouble feeling my lats, believe it or not. you know what happened? i got the sore, then i could feel them perfectly, and felt what exactly i needed to do in the different exercises to activate them. so i kept them sore and kept practicing until i learned it.

do the exercises you know target the muscle, get em sore, and practice activating them. just my two cents.

The serratus serve to keep the bottom of scapulae pulled close to your body. You are going to have a very hard time isolating them since their primary function is to simply keep a bone in place.

Why do you feel the need to isolate your serratus? Do the movements properly and you’ll hit the right muscles.

Standing Angled pulldowns (45degree front on to the stack). Single arm, fully extended, high cable position. Pull cable down into your hip on the 45degree angle. Can go quite heavy on this and get a mean ab workout too (from maintenance of the erect standing posture).

Standing DB bear/front hug: stand with db’s in your hands, and arms positioned at abuot a 45degree abduction angle. Press DB’s forward and bring them up to shoulder level, then retract scapula and bring DB’s back to the angled shoulder starting position.

Serratus punch. Stand with DBs in hand, arms fully extended out in front of you. Protract scapula so that your arm pushes forward (hence the punch), then retract the scapula back to the starting position.

The first exercise is the one I’d recommend, I throw into training every now and then, the other ones are good if you have specific shoulder issues to address.

I’ll try the angled pulldowns you recommended and also the serratus crunches that CT describe in an article.

BONEZ you are right, I don’t think its possible to isolate them, but I will try to hit them harder for the next few months and see how my physique and strength changes.

I felt my serratus’s (how the hell do you pluralize that, serrati?) during the serratus crunches in question; the touch-training aspect really helped with the MMC (Although only for that motion really, I still fail to have a MMC with the serratus during other exercises such as pressing motions)