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this is a question for all you martial arts experts. Im ninteen and am looking to round out some of my training with another discipline. I’ve studied and continue to practice Freestyle wrestling, aikido, Go Ju Ryu Karate, Silat and have recently started boxing. Obviously I am not a master in each. I am strongest in Silat and Aikido. What other arts would complement these to make me better rounded martial artist?

are you looking for the fast route or are you in it for the long haul?

Look at Isshinryu. It stems from Goju Ryu and Shorin Ryu.

Have you ever looked into BJJ or submission wrestling?

What are your goals?

GOtta have goals first.

If you just want to practice MAs for fun, then do just that: do what is most fun.

If you think you want to compete, then you need to find a good coach to guide you.

Good luck

I am in it for the long haul. I love martial arts and I see myself doing it for as long as I can walk. As of now I am just doing it for fun but in time I would definatly love to try competion. A coach would be awsome too, I just don’t know how to go about finding a coach.

If you want to compete in MMA train with wrestling takedowns, BJJ, boxing and thai coaches if you can. Or pick one school, train it and try to do the other stuff on your own with training partners

Didn’t we just talk this to death a few weeks ago?

it does seem to be an ongoing theme…and we DO seem to talk extensiveley about it…

Can’t write now…will more later…

Two words -


if you can handle it (sounds like you can) check out www.realultimatepower.net

good info and stories there.

If you really wanna be well rounded you’ll need the basics if Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ. If you are into weapons look into the Thai weapon art called Krabi Krabong. Good luck.