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MMA-World Class Strikers?


Whom do you classify as world class strikers? Names like Schaffa, CroCop, Kope, Razor Rob & Bang pop into my head straight away. Kid, Nishijima, Sakara, Pulver & Hunt are all honourable mentions...


Definitely Cro-cop. But Fedor's brother is there too. Sakuraba went to K1 so I guess he is concentrating on striking more (though I never considered him a striker).


K1 also promotes MMA under the Hero's name. Saku will be in Hero's.


Cro Cop, Mark Hunt, and Jerome Le Banner (he does MMA as more of a side show right now). Obviously all super elite K-1 fighters. Nishjima was the #6 cruiserweight in the world not too long ago, so you have to put him on there even though he hasnt got to show his stuff yet in a good match-up. Jens Pulver comes to mind as having great boxing. I think the best pure boxing I've seen in the HW's is Sergei Kharitonov. He was a topped ranked amateur in Russia. His head movement is excellent, his jab is arrow straight and hard, and his body-head combos are brilliant.


I'm not sure what would classify as a "world class striker." Is it just someone who has incredible knockout power, or is it people who are just very good at striking?

In any case, one name I didn't see on here is that Russian guy who fights in Pride, his name is eluding me. Cro Cop KO'd him with his left kick, but that guy has some heavy hands. Anyone remember his name?


I did not know that (about 'Hero'), as I am mostly a Pride fan, but that explains how Saku went to K1.

Does anyone know where one can find dvds of K1? I am amazed they do not market their fights. I think Pride has a better breed of fighters than say UFC, but I am primarly interested in strikers so would really like to see K1 fights.


That's Fedor's brother - the Russian (I forget his name too, momentarily).


Aleksander Emelianenko


I would consider a striker as one who aims to win via striking. Most of these guys are adept in several arts (hence, MMA), but they look to a certain strength for their bread and butter.


Or Igor Vovchanyan. Igor was a champion kick boxer.


No, not him. Though I do think Cro Cop KO'd him with his left kick also. I found his name, Igor Vovchanchyn.


I have no clue where to get K-1 dvd's. The events are usually on PPV about 1-2 months after they happen, which is bullshit because it's almost impossible to not hear who won by then. I usually just find the fights online and download them. I came into MMA as a boxing fan and also am primarily interested in striking. That's kind of why I gravitate towards Pride, the rules are more conduscive to the stand up than UFC (and hence Pride has a bigger stable of stand up guys).

I've always said that K-1 would have unlimited potential if properly promoted in the USA. K-1 matches are 9 or 15 minutes of hardcore ass beating, and it also has some serious characters that people love to hate/root for. Watch a UFC fight and listen to the (ignorant) fans boo when it goes to the ground. MMA guys/gals get off on the submission wrestling and grappling, but mainstream America just wants to see someone get their head knocked off.


Minotaur is a good boxer. He does not get hit clean while standing against a few decent fighters and lands good shots.
Chuck Liddell is very good with striking. He is a bit unorthodox but elite nonetheless.
Maurice Smith really opened a lot of peoples eyes as one of the first strikers to deal with a major wrestler, Mark Coleman. Smith learned what he needed to survive on the mat and get to his feet where he could score big.


ah yes, Igor. That guy is brutal, but I dont think Cro-Cop kicked him out, at least not to win. The only decision Cro-Cop won by kick was against Aleksander (and someone else in Bushido 1).


I know Cro Cop KO'd him by a kick, I have it saved on my Tivo :slight_smile:


I watched a UFC dvd recently with my girlfriend (who also loves Pride) and we couldnt stop laughing at the differences. Particulary the panic each fighter goes through at the end of interviews to "thank my sponsors". I also noticed the audience was quick to boo when fighters were sizing each other up or, momentarily, not creating enough action (though they just finished beating on each for a round or two).

Personally, the Pride experience, both in and out of the ring, is miles superior. There is so much class on both sides of the ropes that it really does set the standard. I think a part of that is cultural, part organizational.

"COngratulations on a great fight. Now, back to you -- "

"Oh! Wait!! I need to thank my sponsors...!"


Cro-Cop knocked Igor out COLD with his trademark high left roundhouse to the head.


You may be right (obviously are if its on your tivo), as I forget the fight and was just going by the website. The Aleksander fight I saw and so immediately thought of him (the announcer kept going on about how people said Cro-Cop couldnt kick high enough against Aleksander).


I think Crocop and Lebanner are the best strikers hands down. After that Mark Hunt, Kharitonov, Yamamoto Kid. Then everybody else who is a good striker is in the "good striker for a mma guy".
I agree with Donut that Nishijima might be good, he just hasn't had a chance. But Nishijima can't kick as far as I know though.

I have been watching the UFC, I just still don't see what everybody sees when they talk about Liddel and Franklin, As far as atriking goes. They kind of fall into my really good striker for a mma guy category. I guess since I have been watching K-1 for over ten years and Pride since it began I have been comparing the UFC guys to them.

As for the K-1 dvds they have them here in Japan. And they have most of the Pride dvds and Hero's dvds in the video stores to rent. One of the Gold's Gyms near my house plays mma 24 hours a day on one of the tvs. No UFC though, just Pride, Shooto, Pancrase, ZST etc. Another of the gyms near my house I have seen alot of the Pride and K-1 guys train. Lifting weights and sparring, they have a full size ring. If you ever go to Japan it would be a good place to see them train.
Lastly Crocop knocked out both Aleksander and Igor with left high kicks. Also knocked Nogueira down with one.


What do you guys think happened to Vitor Belfort?

He had the baddest hands in the business and then all of a sudden.....