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MMA Workout

I was wondering if you guys would take a look at my program and offer any comments. The purpose is gaining and or preserving strength as well as improving conditioning
for MMA training. I have been a t-mag reader for about 3 years and tried to combine alot of what I liked from past articles.

Deadlift 5x5 plus 3 near max singles
Pullups 5x5
Bent over Rows 5x5
Chinups 5x5
Hammer Strength High Row 5x5
EZ bar curl- 2x10

Squat 5x5
Military press 5x5
DB snatch and press 4x15
db clean and jerk 4x15

Mike Mahler style heavy bag H.O.C. plus 3 rounds of Renegade GPP consisting of calistenics

Bench Press 10x3
Incline Press 5x5
Skull Crushers 4x10
Dips- 4 sets max
Ma training at night

repeat day 1


Ma training + H.O.C. and GPP

If you want to preserve strength, junk the curls and skull crushers. You also don’t necessarily need both bench and incline bench in the same work. Junk the incline.

put a few days between your sqaut and leg days.

other than that when the hell are you going to recover. I see no rest time for all this lifting to amount to any gains.

Just a few comments.

Just looked at your Monday schedule again…

Why do you have five different lifts for your back? If you want strength, you only need to focus on deadlifts and pull-ups. Even for bodybuilding, 5 different exercises for 5x5 of the same bodypart brinks on masochism.

I agree with fat panda. The monday back schedule seems excessive! I realise that you want a strong back for MMA but you will fry your CNS doing this much.
As a suggestion I think that the dumbbell cleans and snatchs would be better replaced with the barbell version. Simply because you never throw someone one handed so you should train both arms to work this movement together. Also think that your form will be terrible by rep 15. You might be better doing triples for say 8-10 sets.

thanks for the replies. I am going to use some of the advice given. BB in place of DB and removing some of the excess volume and using fri and sun as rest days. I get paranoid about low voulume sometimes but I realize I need to get over it.

I’d recommend junking a bunch of movements. Two exercies at most for pressing/pulling in both the upper body and the lower body. The more exercises you use the faster they will become ineffective.

It must be all the Weider mags I read as a kid subconsiously wreaking havoc, but I feel like I’m cheating if I only do to movements on a given training day, regardless of how heavy i go. Do you think this streamlined version of weight training would do?



clean and press

I suppose the lower volume could be compensated for on GPP days with high lep/low resistance bodyweight exercises, kinda like what Waterbury suggests. Once again thanks for responding

Hey bro, I don’t know if your doing any road work but you could add GPP in the mornings to help build your overall endurance.

You should also check out Matt Wiggins stuff which is geared more for MMA/BJJ/etc.

Also do you fight or just training? Best of luck