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MMA Tuff Guys


I know everyone has their price but seriously. Funny, funny stuff.



but it looks so smooth, creamy and refreshing?


I almost didn't recognize Coleman. His physique diefinitely looks different than before.


That was some seriously strange and funny stuff.

No weirder than the commercials Arnold did for a sportsdrink in Japan.


If they werent such bad asses in the ring, they would have been mocked for this the rest of their lives.


That is awesome! I just sent the link to the place I train at. Thats so gay, ha ha ha


this commercial is indicative of how uptight america and the fcc is as far as humor goes. Commercials like that can be found all over asia and europe. if you ever happen to watch those tv shows that have the world's funniest commercials, most are from foreign lands. laters pk


How come they don't make girl shaving commercials like that?