MMA Training?

I have been doing HFT for a while, and gotten some decent gains out of it. But I’m going to start jiu-jitsu and muay thai again soon and want to get back into strength training.

I realize that there are some programs out there, like Chad’s Hammer Down program, but they aren’t really what I am looking for.

I love being in the gym, and I have time to go everyday. Hammer Down doesn’t have as much gym work as I would like. And since I’m not actually going to be doing the MMA for a couple months I don’t have to woyrry about exhausting mself with other sports.

I love the caveman type training the Sean Sherk is doing. But I also want to work on my maxes.

I was thinking about a form of Westside Training twice a week for max effort and then two days a week of higher rep stuff.

I was hoping that someone could give me some tips on making a program to suite my needs, or point me in the right direction.



If you want to train for the fighting arts then you have to embrace the mindset of less gym time not more. I like Waterbury but IMHO his hammer down is way too much. Instead of looking to spend more time in the gym trying to add marginally more strength than you would get with WS4SB or something similar you should be working on your conditioning. This topic has been discussed ad nausem on Rosstraining and Sherdog and a search of those two sites will expose you to several different approaches. I myself use the condtioning combined with weights that Rosstraining and workingclassfitness espouse.

What program is HFT?

JRT6 mentioned rosstraining, Ross Enamaits work is second to none - and he back his mouth up. Check out his Infinite Intensity Book & FTC DVD.

Okay, this is what I have come up with.

It’s Westside with some extra stuff thrown in. Any comments?

Monday: Lower ME

Box Squats (Work up to a 3RM)
Barbell Step-ups (3-4 x 8-15)
Deadlift (3-4 x 6-10)
Wrist Roller (3 sets for time)

Tuesday: Upper ME

Bench (Work up to a 3RM)
Incline Dumbbell Bench (3-4 x 6-10)
Bent-Over Row (4 x 10-15)
Dumbbell Rear Delt Flies (2-3 x 12-15)
Russian Twists (3-4 x 8-15)

Wednesday: HIIT

Thursday: Circuit A (5 x 15 for time, 1 min rest)

Push Press
Box Jumps
MB Pushups

Friday: 8 x 1


Saturday: REST

Sunday: Circuit B (5 x 15 for time, 1 min rest)

DB Snatches
Upright Row
Wall Balls
Farmer’s Walk

[quote]sjfou wrote:
What program is HFT?

JRT6 mentioned rosstraining, Ross Enamaits work is second to none - and he back his mouth up. Check out his Infinite Intensity Book & FTC DVD.[/quote]

High Frequency Training - Chad Waterbury

You have two heavy bench days and two deadlift days a week. Too much. I would drop the firday workout and move one of you ME days there. Add finishers to your ME day and add another conditioning day. The books from Ross really explain well how to work in finishers, intervals, complexes etc.

I don’t assign a workout to a certain day. I take about 4-5 days off between the upper and lower body days and do conditioning on the rest.

Okay, thanks a lot JRT6.

I used WS4SB before II, it was awesome but not fighter specific.

i also had a discussion on the merits of using HST for periodisation for an MMA fighter on another website…