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MMA Training

I have a question for guys? Anyone know where I can get info on training for MMA(ex. weight training, endurence, nutrition…)? Any info will help.


Coach Davies has a MMA program. Otherwise, you’d have to check out the routines that some of the top stars do in some of those MMA/UFC magazines.

I’m surprised that many still only use bodyweight exercises and a variety of aerobic and endurance exercises.

But there are plenty that incorporate weight training along with GPP, interval training, wrestling/boxing, etc.

Get the book Training for Warriors by Martin Rooney over at elitefts.com. Wonderful book. He employs an upper and a lower day, along with two endurance days usually, butthe split varies often. Strength-endurance is of supreme importance. You could also give tier trainig a shot. Its what I personally use and would use for any athletic program.

mmaweekly.com and check the weekly columns. Then you go back as far as you can in issues and look up Matt Wiggins’ articles, he also goes by Wiggy. I think he is a T-Nation member also, but not sure. He offers some good training ideas and sample plans.


Scrapper also has good conditioning workouts there. I am sure that if you based everything around a basic strength programme then you will be fine. I found Covnvergent phase training beneficial, as it allows strength gains as a core, and also assisting on gaining 1 more goal, be it hypertrophy or physical conditioning, dependant on rep/set range.

check it out. hes a martial arts guy also, so there may be something in his site, or you could ask him a direct question on how to adapt it also.

I have had alot of success using Minute Drills, which I learned fom Ross Enamait’s books.

Other great programs are the Bas Rutten MMA Workout and Scrapeers Mod. 1 package!

The Minute drills are excellent though, as you can customize them to what you need completley and the only limit to them is your imagination!

I generally use them for 3 minute rounds but have been known to put circuits (weighted and non-weighted) for as long as 10 minutes, which would be a Pride FC round for example, followed by 2, 5 minute rounds.

Ive actually been putting together a program of my own built on Minute Drills, if you want any info, PM me.

People and their Websites:

Alwyn CosGrove: http://www.alwyncosgrove.com/

Mike Mahler:
Here in t-nation and http://www.mikemahler.com/

Mark Ginther: http://www.veloforce.net/

Wiggy: http://www.workingclassfitness.com/

Charles Staley: Here in T-Nation and http://www.myodynamics.com/

Martin Rooney: http://www.parisischool.com/


Royce Gracie - SuperFit
Martin Rooney - Training for Warriors
Charles Staley - Science of Martial Arts Training

[quote]WguitarG wrote:
Get the book Training for Warriors by Martin Rooney over at elitefts.com. Wonderful book. [/quote]

Can’t say enough about this book. Its a GREAT resource and shows exactly what the Team Renzo Gracie MMA workout is like. It even includes chapters on cutting weight and fight preperation. It was T-Jacked a while ago, see if you can find it.

Another Great resource that I recently bought was the Book MaxCondition, by Jamie Hale!