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MMA Training Log


Ok im gona start trying to log my training day by day. hopefully this will make me train harder and get my numbers up. lets see how long it lasts...
29/5/09 - friday

Kicks heavy bag 20x3 each leg
1kg staright punching 1min x 5
Full contatc twist 1min x 3
Stair sprints 40sec x 8

Feel pretty sluggish today - the stairs killed me! Hopefully the other guy isnt doing em!


30/5/09 - saturday

BJJ 1hr

Deadlifts 80kgs 20x2
1 arm rows 40kg 10x3
DB curls 22.5kg 5x3
DB lying tricep ext 20kg 5x3
Rotational core work 5min

Felt good today - long weekend. Backed off deads bit - legs stil bit fried from stairs.


1/6/09 - monday

Played bball for 2hrs! shit cardio session

Core work (10min)
Side plank 1min x 2
Bjj Bridge 1min x 4
Plank 1min x 2

What a shit slack training day! oh well shit happenz!
Feeling pretty thrashed - legs are heavy. need day off…but NO! must increase protein and keep pushing!


2/6/09 - tuesday

1 Hand pushup 5 each arm x2
1 Arm rows 5,each arm x2 - 30kg
Dynamic Lunges 15 each leg
TGU 5 each arm x 2 - 20kg
Squats 20 reps holding heavy bag
Rope chins 5,5

Done the above circuit 4 times. total of 20min roughly.
Also done some half assed core and neck work.
Felt good this seesion, really gets muscles pumping and hit all major groups well.


3/6/09 - wednesday

Am circuit:
Kicks 20
Knees 20
Punchout with 1kg 1min
–repeated 4 times–

Full contact twist 1min
Bag twist in guard position 1min
Sit-ups 1min
Bicycle crunch with ankle weights 1min
Guard recovery drill ankle weights 1min
–repeated x 2–

Max Bench (Wide for more manly chest) 3x2 100kg
Seated DB curls 5x2 25kg
Lying DB tricep ext 5x2 20kg
Seated row 10x4
Rotator work various


4/6/09 - thursday

BJJ technique and rolling 3hrs
1 arm rows - 6x3 - 40kg
few pull-ups + abs

Good day for BJJ - was too tired to do any serious lifting.


Thurday 4/6/09
BJJ 2hrs
1 arm rows 6x4

Friday 5/6/09
BJJ 2hrs
Some core work

Felt good gettin all the bjj in, but the cardio suffered this week! shit! fuk!