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MMA Training Hub II


Christ, it's been a year and a half that the old thread went for. 2007 seems like a lifetime ago.

But since the old thread's dead, here's the new one. Post your shit up, any and all.


I plan on starting BJJ next week. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn BJJ.

My plan is weight loss (6'4, 325 lbs) and will work hard to learn proper technique and absorb as much info as I can.

Any tips/advice/suggestions on BJJ/lifting/etc much appreciated. I read the first thread and there was a lot of great information in it, look forward to the second thread and everything it has to offer.


Well, I've been all over the place with my training, doing different shit every week.

But my basic breakdown is this- 3-4 days a week, I do boxing workouts. Generally, the begin with bandwork for my shoulders and shoulder dislocations to stretch them out. Then I work shadowboxing, either three full three minute rounds with a minute in between or 4 two-minute rounds with 30 seconds in between. Three or four rounds of jump rope with one minute breaks, followed by padwork or heavy bag work. Sometimes I work in medicine ball slams or other exercises as well.

My lifting is two ME days, one upper, one lower, which are based off DeFranco's westside skinny bastards III template. I'm going to try to work in a DE upper body day as well.

However, as my left shoulder continues to improve, my right shoulder is steadily in more pain. I think I'm getting tendonitis or something from all of the punching. I've cut the direct shoulder work, and I can't quite throw good hooks- I stick to straight punches or else it gets too sore. FML.


I went to a Judo Class on Wednesday. First time in a while.
First time in a while, this was an advanced class, mostly adults, all brown and blacks.

this was at a straight up Kodokon school.. good newaza.
Actually got thrown a few times, had some good throws of my own.
nothing too crazy. Got in some serious Grip work
had some good rounds with very very good player who asked why I dont come more often..
then I sat home with an ice pack on my neck for the rest of the night.

Right now I am doing Eric Cressey's Max strength simiar to Defranco WSFSB with more rehab shit.
doing aight strangely my right shoulder is falling aprt.

I keep a log in the over 35 you can see how a creaky dude trains.



Well I never saw the old thread, and the search function on this site sucks. But I figure it's just a place to post up training routines...

Made the switch from tkd recently to judo, as alot of you know.

Doing two classes a week, I work nights and would love to pick up another one but it clashes.
Usually classes run about the same,
jogging, sprints, dynamic stretching, breakfalls, push-ups and sit-ups,
then drilling ground work, then drilling standing,
then 3-5 2 minute rounds of ground randori,
3-5 2 min rounds of standing randori.
Cool down and stretch. Ice the inevitable injuries.
Then beers. I don't know about American sporting culture, but here in Australia pretty much every social/sporting event involves beer. I don't drink but I do sit around with the guys and talk shit.

For weights, I'm doing SS, been on that from when I got serious about strength training, been getting good results.
Added a few things, face-pulls or black-burns, other rotator cuff stuff at the end of workouts. Chins and push-ups. Reverse bi-curls and skull- crushers- for the sik armz.
Doing DB bench because it's easier on my shoulder, and considering doing DB press's too.

I've just started jogging again, when I can be bothered which isn't often enough. I love the benefits, hate the actual doing.
Must keep motivated.


Right now

Weights x 4 days a week (upper body twice, lower body and abs/obliques twice)
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu x 3 days a week
Surfing x 2 days a week (helps me stay relaxed)

For tmoney1...try and stay relaxed, tap early and then ask to learn the defense to what they caught you with(or look it up on the internet after class), once you get a little accustomed to training try practicing a single submission/sweep/pass/position that you really like and work for that.


Heading back to college (and my boxing club) tomorrow.

-I plan on continuing the Wendler 5/3/1 program for the forseeable future
-Boxing Mon/Wed/Fri ( warmup, 2 rds jump rope, 2 rds shadowbox, 4 rds heavy bag, 2 rds focus mitts, 2 rds speed bag, 2 rds jump rope, stretch)
-Running 3 times a week (2 long runs and 1 track day)
-Plus the regular pullups/pushups/situps/dips in the PT pit every day.

things I gotta do is

  1. Eat a fuckton more when doing all this (get that G-flux going)
    B. Get to sleep earlier.
  2. Don't get shitfaced 3 days a week.


Well..lets see. I've just been taking it easy this week after having some issues with my back. Lots of jump rope and shadowboxing...stretching,foamroller,heating pad,etc. I've been busy teaching the beginner's muay thai class...and helping one of our guys with his fight this weekend in New Braunfels,TX. I will be sparring tonight to test how this back is really feeling.


Fuck yea man.


preciate ya BW. As for lifting, is it best to stick with a 5x5 2x/week for strength. Would this be ok? At this point, I'm making MA my focus.


I guess it depends on how much you plan on training. The guys who are amazing at my school (Pan-Am and World Champions at purple belt and up) don't really lift. They just train daily.
EXCEPTION: the juicers. Roids makes a difference, and those guys lift and train frequently.

For me, I've tried a couple things. The problem I have with any powerlifting style program (I used Westside for awhile), is that my legs got so damn big from squatting that it was hard to use my closed guard. The internet is full of people jocking the big lifts for low reps. I try to keep a balanced program with some arms, core and big lifts and mix up the reps (some days high, some low).

Hope that helps, I don't feel like an expert on the lifting side of things for Jiu-Jitsu.


Sounds good, thank you for the info, much appreciated.


How short are your legs?


I just realised karate we have in my sports gym is Shotokan. Hello.


I've been a member on T-Nation for a few years but haven't posted much until recently. Mostly because the forums I used to poke around in turned into big jokes. I'm glad to see this forum.

I'm 5'10", 185lbs, 31 years old.

I'm currently training Kodokan Judo and Shingitai Jiu-Jitsu. I started training in August of 2007, took some time off, and got back to training in the first week of January this year. I'm currently a yellow belt, but my coach tends to under-belt. I took 3rd in my weight class in my first tournament. I'm doing my 2nd tourney on the 29th and hope to do much better. State championships are in October and I'd like to take gold there.

In addition to the Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, I'm also taking striking classes. It's not a particular style, but if I had to categorize it, it would be a mix of Mui Thai and traditional boxing.

Outside of the dojo, I'm a fairly busy guy. I'm doing a Westside inspired routine, plus some other fun stuff. A typical week looks like:

Monday - conditioning work at lunch, squat in the evening.
Tuesday - conditioning work at lunch, bench in the evening.
Wednesday - striking class @ 5pm that lasts an hour, then 2 hours of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.
Thursday - softball league after work, then DL on the way home.
Friday - conditioning work at lunch, evening off.
Saturday - off
Sunday - light, low volume workout in the morning, 1.5 hours Judo and Jiu-jitsu at 6:30.

My conditioning work consists of a mix of jump-rope, plyo's, burpees, thrusters, DB swings, complexes, heavy bag work, shrimp drills, ab work, and some restorative work like static stretching, PNF stretching, foam rolling, and joint mobility.

I'm also an amateur strongman, although I haven't competed in a couple years. I still train it, but since Judo found me, that's where my focus has been.


sweet a thread i can sink my teeth into see if im staying up to par! im currently doin
bjj(gi) tues, thurs.
bjj (no gi) mon,wed,fri, sat.
boxing mon,tues,thurs,fri.
mauy thai wens, fri, sat.

Weight training

Plyometric workouts
Mon and fri

Road work
3mls 1 min break between miles
usually 8-9 min miles (my conditioning needs work)
usually run that 4-5X a week if i can pull myself outta bed b4 work

Always spend time on sat for some feild & bleacher work.

anybody got some good info that mught help me free up some extra time i spend 90% of my time on training when not @ work and i got three kids my g.f gettin wooped by her daughters and i need 2 help out more and still gain skill and strength and most imprortantly conditioning


^^That's one hell of a workload.

What's your diet/supps look like?

Are you competing? Or planning to compete?

Personally I don't see the reason to do both 4 lessons of boxing AND 3 lessons of muay thai.
Or to do 4 no gi as well as 2 gi.
But I guess that's your decision, personally if I wanted to do both, I'd cycle them, like 3 boxing and 2 muay thai one week, then 2 boxing and 3 muay thai the next week. You get the idea.

I would do away with the plyo's and do power-training as part of weightlifting.
Or do away with some of the road work and do plyo's tabata-style.
Or drop a weightlifting session, your gains really won't suffer that much, technique is king anyhow.

I dunno, I'm sure others will make better suggestions, really it's just about prioritizing, and only you can do that.
Hope this helps anyhow.


I don't know how long they are, but they're not at all short. I went from chicken legs to chafing thighs, on the chafing side of the spectrum it started to negatively affect my ground game.


well im lookin to compete within 6 months, its been a wile and ive got alot of ground to make up. my major concern though is my kids i gotto do all this with 40 hours and 3 kids, not bitchen or shit just alot on my plate ya know plus i got studying every night for my P.T.C (personal trainer certification). im still at phase 1 so im also thoughroly gettin my ass kicked. Im so close to overtraining it aint funny. Ive been takin ice baths, havein my girl rub everything...:slight_smile: 7-8 hours of sleep so sundays i sleep way in and take it easy. I just dont know what more i can do @ least till i can make enough 4 my girl 2 stay home!


Dude,no matter what you do to recover....with that amount of work,training,stress...you are destined to burn yourself out before you even compete. I would suggest backing off some of the training instead of looking for more recovery solutions. You could get good training in without a workload of that magnitude. Don't make this more complicated than what it really is.

This is a time when "more is not better" should be reiterated.