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i want to buy some bcaa and want to know what is better?

i train 6 times a week, sometimes two times a day.Im 17 and not professional.


What are you goals and what are you hoping the BCAA’s do? Personally I make them a staple of my supplement choices during cutting or bulking.


increase recovery speed


[quote]mademan1337 wrote:
increase recovery speed[/quote]

Plazma during hard training sessions, lifting or otherwise. MAG-10 PWO. Add in BCAA’s pre, intra, and post if you desire.


Depends on Budget -Plazma is king. If on budget Bcaas and quality carb drink like karbolyn is fine.

At your age getting in a quality protein source throughout the day such as Metabolic Drive is the main thing. Obviously loads of lean beef, fish etc also


How many days per week are you doing martial arts and how many days per week are you lifting? Are you having trouble maintaining mass? I ask because when I started training grappling I found the long, cardio intensive practices made it hard to hold on to muscle. For that reason I started sipping bcaas during practice. So I understand the potential issues you are facing as an athlete. If your budget is tight only use bcaas during your hard martial arts sessions. Ideally, use bcaas during every workout but you’ll go through it very fast.


budget is not tight,but we dont have Plazma or any of such supplements in ukraine,but it is easy to find anavar,lol.
usually 3 mma sessions and 3 lifting session with cardio in the end,someweeks 3 mma sessions 2 boxing and one lifting,but by the end of each week due to the fact that i need to study in school too im overlt tired on training,so i thought that i need something for recovery