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MMA Submission Hero of the Week

With UFC and Bellator in the books, it’s hard not to give it to Brandon Moreno. Winning via rear naked choke in a rematch after a draw and taking home the flyweight belt is as stellar as it gets …

But I’m going to give it to … Paul Craig via Armbar vs Jamahal Hill … the brutality …



His arm was only dislocated too… Not broken. Grisly. I’ve had my distal biceps tendon ripped off

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Agree. The Moreno victory might have been my favorite of the night, but ultimately he took what was given to him whereas Craig called his shot well in advance and then executed flawlessly.

Re: Craig / Hill - the fact that the fight was not stopped earlier is mind-blowing to me. I try not to jump on refs but in my mind there were at least three points where the fight could have been stopped prior to the actual stoppage:

  1. When the arm actually dislocated. Ref may not have seen it, hard to tell with super bendy people, etc. - ok fine
  2. Craig points out that his elbow is dislocated. Perhaps not an officially sanctioned criteria for stopping a fight but you can’t claim ignorance at that point and the fighter’s welfare is clearly compromised
  3. When Hill’s arm was flapping around uncontrollably, which oddly looked like a tap even though it wasn’t
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If it turned out it wasn’t dislocated, it’s probably within the rules to restart the fight. Refs can pause fights to have a doctor check on a fighter.

Loves the initial set up targeting the elbow. Had old-school Frank Mir vibes

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