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MMA Style Strength and Conditioning?


Hey guys . new to the forum. I was looking for some help with some stuff. I am not a combat athlete but I am in a police academy and hopefully doing another after. I am currently doing 5/3/1 but want to add some mma styled strength and conditioning. I was wondering if anyone else has? Or what you plan was on other days? I want to do 2 or 3 strength and conditioning workouts a week. Thanks for input


If I were you I would just join a BJJ school. I have yet to find anything as physically taxing as the sparring that takes place during class, and the skills you’ll learn will come in very handy on the job as a LEO.


Actually doing MMA or any fighting sport by itself is fantastic conditioning. Other than that, I would do circuits or complexes.


This is very good advice. The only time I was taxed more during any other sport that I have ever done is during my Colligate Wrestling days. Short of that BJJ will give you a great workout and also some moves that will help you out when you hit the streets.

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After training in BJJ and kickboxing for several years I was handicapped eleven years ago, an unrelated issue. Then I found Krav Maga! BJJ is great for a workout along with dominating someone while you are on the ground too. Krav Maga teaches you to dominate attackers (plural!) all while standing up. Now this is just my opinion and experience. Yet Krav Maga was born from Israel as a real world self defense in the toughest portion of the world today. BJJ is an art from Brazil born in the world of MMA.