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MMA Strength/Speed Programs


Ok so here is the deal. I love MMA, but I'm not that strong, hell my cousin always beats the shit out of me when we fight.

Now we got like a party that we are going to go to, big party about a year from now. Basically i want to get strong and fast so that i don't have to worry about being overpowered, I mean I am defiantly going to get into a fight.

I figure that anything will do but i want some really class strength for this, even this summer about 2.5 months from now I will go to Europe and I will meet my cousin there. I really want to win in a fight against him this time, and usually we both equal in skill it?s just his strength is over powering.

Anyone know any good sheer strength, speed programs.


Hey dude...use the search function...click on "authors" on the left...Check out Chad Waterbury's article from this past week...

And why go to a party and fight?

Now you're set.


First off, why look for trouble in a plave you're not familiar with?

Second, do you have any lifting experience already?


well basically its kind of like a party ,but also like a fight club thing. There are alot of fights.


yea i have been lifting on and off since i was 13 doing bodyweight and lifting every now and then. But this year i started lifting hard and really training, i mean i already weigh more than my cousin.


D00d fuc dat. Jus git a burner n blas dem foolz.

OK man, do you really expect a serious/informative response considering what you just posted?


what hey is it my problem i cernt spiell, or tiepe.Im just tryen to get some adverse.


Either your a troll, or your serious...

I fight with my cousins all the time... but I don't TRAIN for it. That would be... stupid.

Train if you want to better yourself. Train if you wanna be a better fighter. Don't train to beat the crap outta your cuz in a funfight.


/crosses fingers hoping the potential of this thread will be realized.


hey we are actually serious about going into mma...i mean we already belong to a mma club