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MMA Strength Log

I have not lifted and weights for around a year due to focusing on my mma training. I try and train 1-3 mma classes a day 4 days a week and due to the intensive cardio nature of mma training i have gone from around 108kg down to around 90kg, which i an not to bothered about as i was overweight to begin with but i have also lost a fair amount of muscle mass.

Because my recovery has improved im looking to to get back into lifting weights to maintain or even increasing my muscle, im still loosing fat but i do not want to go under 85-90kg and obviously i want to increase my power as much as possible.

I train mma mon-thur which is somewhat limitting when it comes to splitting my workouts up so i think ( and if you have a better idea let me know) my best option is to do a push/pull/legs split on the 3 days i dont train.

For my workout i am planning on using a very basic version of a workout i used to do when i was very much into my powerlifting to increase my general overall body power and then add in more specific work for abs,grip and neck as these areas are very important for mma.

The workouts will look something like this

front squats
sumo deadlift

bench press
push press
c.g bench press
weighted neck exercises

power cleans
towel pull ups
bent row
grip work

sets and reps i will warm up with 2-3 light to medium sets and then do 5x5 with the same weight with no more then 1 minutes rest betwean sets, when i can get all 5x5 i will increase the weight the next workout. when i can no longer progress with 5x5 i will drop the reps to 3 and continue, when sets of 3 no longer work i will reduce the weight and do 5x5 repeating the proccess, this has worked well for me in the past.

by best lifts at my biggest are
front squat 140kg
bench 160kg
deadlift 240kg
push press 130kg
powercleans 140kg

if i can get back to around those weights but at a solid 90kg before i have my first fight i will be very happy.

Wish me luck

I have taken a few days of due to feeling overtrained. I have ordered some glutamine and bcaa to help speed up my recovery and i am planning to up my cals alot more.

Upping the Kcals will do you good, but remember that sleep often is the key to recovery.

Good Luck.

yeah, i have not been sleeping to well which leads to drinking to much coffee, niether of which is to good.
im going to take today off as im still feeling a bit overtrained and will get back into it tommorrow with boxing and grappling.