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MMA Seminar Thread

I figured since so many of us are into MMA/BJJ/JKD/ETC… and how popular the sport is starting to become; it would be cool for us to post local or known seminars going on. Way too often have I found out about a really good seminar way too late. I figure here we can post seminars/dates/preferred schools you may have been to or would suggest for private lessons. Insight would be great too if you have actually been there, but I would prefer we stay away from arguing about “oh that guys sucks, etc…” and rather give an educated opinion if you have had first hand experience.

First seminar I know about:
Where: Connecticut, Middletown
Who: Roy Harris (www.royharris.com)
When: Aug 5th/6th
Sponsoring school: Modern Self Defense (www.modernselfdefense.com)
Focus: BJJ