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MMA schools in Atlanta?

Anyone out there know of any good MMA schools in Atlanta, GA? I’d also go for Thai boxing if you know any schools that teach this art as well. Thanks for the help.

Check www.atlantmartialarts.com

For BJJ and/or NHB, look up Ricardo Murgel. 5th degree black belt in BJJ. His school is somewhere on Peachtree Industrial, near Chamblee. I believe there’s a Muay Thai unstructor there as well, but I can’t remember his name.

For Kali, BJJ, Muay Thai, Sambo, and about half a dozen other things, look up Benjamin Salas. He’s Southeast Regional Director of WEKAF. He teaches in a Joe Corley karater studio off of Spandy Plains road in Marietta.

Hope that helps.

Obake has a school in Atlanta (former Pride vet) and I believe Jacare (great bjj guy, head of Alliance, one of the largest/most succesful teams in bjj) has a school there as well.

Where is Obake now? His school used to be in Sandy Springs, but I understand that he had to sell the gym. Jacare is in/near Sandy Springs on Roswell Road… and last I hear Manu Gnot (not sure if I spelled that right), a world Thai Kickboxing champ, is teaching at Jacare’s as well.

I’m not sure where Obake is but I’ve heard he reopened his school, although it may be in a different location. Personally I would go with Jacare if I lived in Atlanta (I’ve got lots of Alliance friends but I’m from Toronto) and Obake seems too power oriented for me. Ricardo is supposed to be awesome as well.

Where in Atlanta do you live? I live in Columbus and go to Atlanta frequently.