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MMA/Rugby Training Split

Hi everyone,

I have been training for 10 years in an
MMA style club, and I have recently taken up rugby.

However, the rugby training has pretty much thrown a spanner into the works. It does not interfere directly with my MA training,but it has interfered with my lifting.

I have tried several different lifting schedules, but none seem to be giving me any noticeable results, but I know I should be including lifting in my routine.

At the moment my schedule is as follows:

Tues:2 hours of MA training
Wed:2 hours rugby training
Fri:1.5 hours MA training
Sat:2 hours MA Training
Sun:Rugby match/2 hours training off season

I am still also in full time education.

Any feedback would be appreciated, as I am at a loss of what to do.

Train weights 2 times a week between tue and friday. you will need a day before and after your match.

do an upper/lower split and train early morning before school.

thats what we used to do and after 2 weeks it gets pretty normal.
my scedule used to be

Monday - Fitness PM
Tuesday - LEGS AM
Wednesday - Contact training PM
Thursday - UPPER BODY AM and Team Run/Patterns PM
Friday - Lineouts PM
Saturday - Match
Sunday - Active Recovery AM (30 min game of touch or a swim etc) lots of stretching

For you id think something like this:

Mon: Active Recovery
Tues:2 hours of MA training
Wed:LEGS AM, 2 hours rugby training
Fri:1.5 hours MA training
Sat:2 hours MA Training
Sun:Rugby match/2 hours training off season

Id assume that if youve been training your MA like this for 10 years. your body is fairly used to it and should adapt to some extra weights.

Step ups

Bench Press
Military Press
Chin Ups
Bent Row

4x6 for everything.


Hey fuck man, why don’t you just take up sewing, cricket, and start training for the Boston Marathon while you’re taking pilot lessons.

Might be alot to take on but fuck, you don’t need sleep.

Two birds.

i think its possible. but you wont be “elite” in either.


thanks for the advice thosebananas.

and incidently, I dont intend to be “elite” in rugby. Its just a hobby which helps keep me fit.

MA is my main thing, which is why my question was concerning improving my martial arts.

Even when recently starting up rugby again, I had to completly re-do my gym plan. And even then it would regularly have to be changed due to knocks and minor injuries each week.

Its so unpredictable if your doing full contact rugby regularly, I just do what I can, when I can in the gym, but make sure im getting the weights in one way or another.

MMA requires pretty much a completly different (in a lot of cases) body type. So could be tricky!

How u getting on so far?