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MMA Queen - Satoko Shinashi



A little gem I came across on the internet. Her Judo is AMAZING.


That was really cool! She would totally kick my ass. Blindfolded. Hands behind her back.


Pretty too.


But can she skate well enough to clear the puck? You could put her into the boards.

PS The video WAS really cool BTW...


Holy Cow she has some moves. Those legs stike like two rattlesnakes and seem to have the same effect on the victim.

Wonder how that fight with the big guy at the end turned out. Looks like she had her legs locked around his throat.


Her Judo is insane. I just can't stand a fighter who won't release a submission. What she needs is a good ass kicking. Maybe Gina Carano could do it.


He submitted standing.




Whats up with not releasing submissions? All the judo in the world won't stop an American sized cock from putting her in her place.