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MMA Oriented, Cutting Cycle


Hello Gentlemen,

I would like to ask for your opinion on my 'getting back into the game', cutting cycle.

A bit of a background:
Age: 34
Height: 6.0 (183cm)
Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)

I have trained since been 16 years old, with some breaks here and there, mainly due to injuries.
Aesthetics were never my priority, I was rather concentrating on strength and power. For few years I am doing MMA, and I am getting more and more into it.
I have never been particularly lean, but my current body fat is sky high - 25%, probably a bit more. I am, for several months already, recovering from a shoulder injury, which currently is on subtle enough level, to allow me to hit properly the weights.

My MMA (which I will resume by the end of the month) will be 3 to 4 times a week. My weight days will be 3, until I start the cycle and on cycle I will try to do as much as time/capabilities are permitting.

I am cleaning up my diet, trying keto for a bit, and after that, I will do timing of carbs around training, maintaining lean foods in the other time.
I will not start the outlined below plan, until I drop below 20% of body fat and I am sure that my diet is in check and I am sticking to it. No point to add ASS, in my view, when 80% of the game is nutrition.

My goals are:
Long term - go to 10 % body fat, maintaining as much strength and power as possible.
Midterm - go down to 90 kg in order to get into 185 lbs (84kg) weight class.
Short term - get the work rolling, design the plan and stick to it.

I should say that T-Nation is a great tool for research and thank many of you for sharing their experiences.

The Design:
Week 1-12 Omnadren 250mg E3D
I need your opinion on that - I would prefer Test Enth, but I have access to pharma grade Omnadren, which is very cheap. Do you think E3D is a good idea with Omndren, considering my goals?
I would like to avoid pinning more than 3 times a week due to potential impact on my MMA training (soreness).

Week 1 - 10 - Parabolin (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) 100mg E3D
My concern with Tren is the potential impact on cardio, which in my case is already, without Tren, a point of concern. On the other side, for my goals, I think Tren will have superb effect.

Week 1 - 4 - Tbol 50mg ED â?? I prefer Tbol than Dbol as I am estradiol sensitive (experience from puberty).

Week 8 - 12 - Stanazolol 40mg ED

Week 1 - 13 - Arimidex 0.5mg EOD
I also have Letro on hand.
I will try to obtain Caber before starting as well.

Before PCT:
Week 13 - HCG 2 x 2500 I.U.

Week 14 - 20 - Tamoxifen 40mg/40mg/20mg/20mg/20mg/10mg ED

I am looking forward for your opinions.


honestly, if this is your first cycle, i’d suggest just running test by itself. and test is great for pretty much every athletic goal… strength, endurance, recovery, etc…

but, tren can affect cardio, and the T-bol can cause some muscle pumps that’ll affect training. Winni is also hit or miss, as some guys have horrible joint pain on it…

i’d just run this:

Week 1-10:
Test/Omnadren: 500 mg/wk
Arimidex: .25 mg/EOD

Week 11-12:
Arimidex: .25 mg/EOD

Week 13-18:
Nolvadex: 20 mg/day


Thanks man, appreciate the advice.
I was also thinking that I make it too complicated, especially for a 1st time.



I agree partly. I have a lot of experience in this field. First off if your concerned with attaining a legitimate level in any combat sport you DO the combat sport. Any other training is secondary. Supplemental if you will. If I were you I’d go to an hurt clinic and be doing trt,hgh,and possibly a very mild dose of deca which pertains with your mama goals as well it simply increases quality of life.

HCG, an AI both may be used in your therapy depending on your blood work etc. I think at your age you should be thinking about having what those young guns have which is their youth. Fortunately for you science is just wonderful. With proper medical supervision you would most likely feel like a new human being.

With the drugs I listed here are some standard benefits: increased muscle mass, decrease in fat, better mood, better sleep, increase in sex drive, reduced joint pain, increased hematocrit (more red blood cells basically which means increase oxygen transport which means increased aerobic/anaerobic capacity, simply put better cardio and stamina), faster healing rate, increase in igf-1 levels, nitrogen retention appetite and the list goes on.

All of this without risking your health. If done properly you will get all these benefits and be healthier. So if you want to be a bodybuilder then sure run a cycle but I’d advise a different route. All the best to you in your martial arts endeavours. At your age I have much respect for you. Cheers!


Hey RR88, not sure if you are still around, I somehow missed your post. Thanks for sharing. I am considering TRT, but for the moment I am postponing. I actually got blood tests around September and my Test level was slightly above the max of the range. I am not sure why exactly that is so. On the negative my Estradiol is also quite high, a fraction on top of the max in the range. I am not really surprised with that as my BF is quite high. Though the Test is puzzling… I started AI to try to bring it back down. I am still to do another blood work at the end of January, but judging by my increased energy and generally more positive mood, I think it is helping.

I will keep thinking about TRT and probably run an aas cycle before that, when I get below 15% BF.
HGH sounds very interesting, but it is out of my price range for the moment. At my dealer 72iu, pharma grade is 320 USD. I am strongly considering MK-677, but still holding back as quite a few persons (Yogi is the one I saw most recently post about it) report significant appetite increase on it.

For the moment I slowly build my game, getting my cardio and endurance, slowly, but steadily to the level I would like it to be.