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MMA or Boxing or What


Hi, I have a few questions and was looking for some advice. I am currently going through a dieting phase right now, I've currently lost 31lbs. Gone from weighing 246lbs down to 215lbs. I am definately wanting to lose even more weight, considering I am only 5'8, short and stalky.

With some of that out of the way, with the weight loss I am now filled with more energy and I no longer play any video games and there for have found alot more free time then what I have been use to. And have always wanted to join some kind of club or what not that deals with either some kind of form of Martial arts or boxing, something physical. I use to play Football and I use to wrestle back in Highschool. So I am use to contact sports. My only worries are with these specific types of contact sports, I am not to sure how I would handle getting punched in the face. Can't say it's happened to many times.

So, I am completely new to the idea and have no idea where to start or what to expect. I am pretty stout and not very long in the limbs. So not really to sure wich sport would compliment me better then the other or if at all. I would love to find a funner avenue to get into shape and stay that way. But also like the idea of competeting.

Do I just show up to one of the places? Do I join a class, have a personal trainer, start off hard and heavy or work my way up to certain levels,how much does this stuff normally cost? What things do I need to know? Any help on this would definately help out greatly. I am very interested and looking for people who are familiar to this kind of thing. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.


What do you prefer more? Just show up for class and everything will fall into place


some gyms will let you watch and observe the training sessions they do. Some places even give you the first class/lesson for free to let you see whether or not its something you want to stick with. the cost depends on what kinda classes and how many classes per week your going to attend. check the internet for gyms and rates in your area. most places will post the fee's on their websites. i pay $85 a month and train 3 times a week. we do jiu jitsu, muay thai, and some wrestling.

if being punched in the face is not your cup of tea, you can just do something like submission wrestling, or jiu jitsu. neither have striking invloved.

at the gym i go to, we only do light sparring during training. no heavy blows.


If you decide to take a martial arts class, be sure to find out the credentials of the instructor. In the USA, this training is not regulated by the government. A person can print a certificate and claim any level of "black belt" status. That being said, many martial arts do not teach the "entire" system until the 4th degree black belt. In this case, if possible, it is best to find an instructor of at least 4th degree black belt status. He or she should be certified by a recognized federation. ie The World Taekwondo Federation, etc... Call and ask the instructors rank, governing body(wtf, etc.) and then watch him give a class. Avoid instructors that "show off" by throwing their students around. A teacher with great skills will not feel the need to impress his sudents. Can't help with the boxing, but it seems like it would be awesome training ,self defense, and cardio. good luck. let us know what you decide.


Look for schools in your area and go watch a couple of classes. Talk to the intructor. Watch the senior student and how they conduct themselves, it will tel you a lot about the school. Most schools will give a free class to try it out.

I would say, if your new tothis pick one art and try it out. There is no point at trying to a jack of trades. Boxing would be the easiest to learn the skills, the footwork is something you'll always try to improve upon.

Good luck


i had to take grappling and boxing for school (i goto a military school) and i enjoyed both alot. i think the key is a good instructor, but both are extremely demanding. and its humbling to have to tap out to someone 20lbs lighter b/c he got an arm bar on you. either way, def try both of em out, then decide what you like better. if you take boxing, its nothing like you see on HBO fights. you'll wear headgear, and, at the college level at least, its only 3 rounds. but they are alot more intense, none of the dropping of hands, etc, and knock outs are a rarity.


Hey guys, thanks alot for some of the advice. Today I went to go check out 2 places that I may be interested. Sure isn't alot available for these type of things in Lincoln,Ne. The one I went to look at was called Roseberry's Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan , they were closed.Until later in the evening. Then I went to go talk to someone at the cities only Boxing facility it seems. And it sounded very non obligational. Said I could check it out for a few weeks then decide if it's what I want to do. It's nice to because it sound pretty cheap to get involved with.

Like the poster above talked about grapling and boxing. That too sounds interesting to me as well, being that I use to wrestle. My good friend did Judo for a year and really liked it. Any more advice would be greatly welcomed. I will keep you all posted as to what I end up trying. Thanks again guys/gals.


My advice is ask around, if you know people who like MA's what they do and why they like it. I enjoy Tai Chi because it's energizing when you just don't feel right, is very meditative and mentally active, and it helps me to relax and enjoy life. I lift weights to get rid of that pesky need for something macho and energy burning.

Also feel free to ask instructors where to go for something particular. ie ask a karate(punches and kicks) guy where the jiu-jitsu(grappling) guys are. Question for you? how long did it take to lose your thirty pounds? I've got 20 I need to lose.


To the poster above. It took me from January 16th weighing 246lbs to March 3rd to lose 30lbs.


if there is a good bjj schoo, i would go there

i like bjj for a lot of reasons, but why i would recommend it to you is that you can train full speed with less chance of injury than if you did boxing and sparred(which you have to for it to mean anything)

tkd and that sort of stuff(with some exceptions) is basically aerobics, so you may as well go to a cardio class with some fine chicks if you just want to sweat


Join up for some mma


Well everyone, I have decided to give Boxing a try. We meet up Mon,Tue, and thurs. I'm thinking I will weight train on my off nights from boxing. The instructor said that when I was ready and he thought I was ready I could begin to spar. Wich I am still hesistant at the idea, but still really interested in it.

A question that I have for anyone that could help me. What should I do for cardio? To drop weight. I'm 5'8 and currently weighing 215lbs. I have finally worked my way up to running a mile with out stopping. Have yet to time myself, wich I do plan on doing. The other thing with this, is because I am dieting I am not fully sure as to what to do with my weight training routine. Wether or not increasing my cardio is going to affect my weight training.

I currently train 3 days a week. I do 5 sets of 5 on all lifts with a 3-0-1 tempo. I have the lifts split up into Upper body/back day. Leg day and Arms,calves,shoulders and abs for the other day. I currently run a mile every other day and am going to start sprinting here shortly.

As for my how my diet is going. I eat 5-6 meals a day every 3-4 hours. I consume anywhere from 300-500 calories per meal depending on if its a weight training day, early morning meal or post work out meal. So, I dont want to get to where my muscles aren't producing anymore mass to them. My over all goal at this time is to get as lean as possible,while mainting muscle. By upping my cardio, how much more or less or what different for calories should I consume through out the day, wether it be on weight training, or boxing day?

I know this is all kinda rushed and not all in full detail, but I am in a hurry. Hope to hear some advice from you all. Thanks


That's great! Don't be too hesitant about sparring eventually. Getting in and starting to spar fairly early is a great idea, depending on the club. You will learn that there is a very big difference between hitting some mits or a bag and another person that is hitting you back. Nothing displays weaknesses like it.

As far as weight training is concerned, I would probably lift comparitively heavy (5 RM range) most of the time, keeping it to just a few exercises. Something like 8x3 for 3-4 big exercises per session seems right to me.

Cardio is kind of tricky. With everything else you are doing it would be easy to do too much too soon. I know that when I first started training that each session would wipe me out completely. I would hold off doing too much extra cardio until you know exactly how you react to the training.

Just my thoughts,



If you're doing 2 minute rounds for sparring, and your current cardio is as stated, you will probably gas quickly and become a heavy bag. If you aren't obligated to run, you can condition yourself quickly with heavy bag rounds and sparring. I would definitely incorporate what many would consider high effort distance runs, basically work to be able to run 6-8 minute miles for 3-6 miles.

Boxing kills my strength gains in my traditional increases, and makes my runs much faster/easier. It comes at a cost, as an example I used to do 5x5 dp incline with 65's, and now I finish with 65's and use 60's for the rest. Nothing special, but an example nonetheless. What I've been doing is lifting on off days, doing a few paired lifts, and keeping reps and volume lower than normal. I do full body with two alternating workouts, and change reps to accomodate fatigue.

Anybody else have any tips on how to incorporate lifting into boxing training and accompanying road work?


Ok,speed or power? Or both? In my personal experience with wrestling, I use to try to pin a guy in the 1st two rounds. That way I can completely dominate them, but also not kill myself from exhaustion. I played D-line in Highschool, like to sprint, but hate long distance running. I'm very use to just trying to do the most amount of damage in the shortest amount of time, and in the boxing gym im losing energy like no other.

I sit there and watch the guys next to me, and they're doing like all these combos and not really huffing or puffing, but not necassarily trying to knock the head off the bag. Is this what they're really doing? Or am I under-estimating how hard they are hitting? I know I'm brand new at this, but just want a little advice as to what kinda mindset I need to go into this with. Should I relax take it easy, and work on my finess? Or keep doing what I'm doing. Any help would be appreciated.


if you want it as self defence do some really good searching most of the stuff they teach is not legaally excused which lead me to being fired when this guy at my old work attacked me from behind i hip threw him and then appliedthe kimura but with legs and i spiral fractured his arm and lost my job so choose wisely


The wise choose to use periods.

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