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MMA & Making Weight


Hi i m a big fan of u and continuously reader
I am 5-10 and 220 lbs and i m training mma i m basically an endomorph and have significant last layer of fat but can sprint fast can do advanced level things like muscle up and can push press 225 lbs but not loosing fat and weight any solution
And what i can do if i wanna compete in 185 category

I will be more than thankful to u


If you’re not losing weight you re eating too much or not being consistent enough.

Eat less than maintenance consistently for weeks months or however long it takes.

Consume enough protein 1g/lb bodyweight to help retain muscle.

Maintain intensity/volume in the gym/training to retain muscle while dieting.


I would add kickboxing or boxing to your workout routine. They burn fat. And why not ride the bycicle to and from the gym instead of taking the car?