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MMA is for Skinheads & Homosexuals


Controversial old fart boxing promoter Bob Arum basically says that MMA is for skinheads and homosexuals.


I wonder if he would've said that to Quinton Jackson's face...


Ok i'm a skinhead and Lantent Homo can i kick his ass now?


haha wow thats pretty hilarious. I enjoy watching both alot. Ive boxed for a while now and I believe that boxing is still the sweet science and nothing trumps the talent and conditioning of those at the top. HOWEVER the UFC is kick ass, way more raw,animalistic and diverse. It was started to find out which discipline was the best and it eventually evolved to its own discipline (MMA). ANyone who has followed it the last 10 or even 15 years has seen history in the making and its really been somethign special. Bobs obviously upset his ratings and american viewers like the flashier UFC with more blood and knockouts.


Bob Arum rules. No other man speaks his mind so... bluntly?

And they deserve it after Dicksmack Dana White insulted Marquez like that


Yeah, I enjoy watching both, but it's been said that boxing is like classical music and MA is like pop/metal/whatever. That might be why it appeals very easily to a wide audience.


Ricky Hatton is some shitty classical music then (kidding)


Plus Anderson Silva looks like a lethal ballerina when he fights.


You are a delusional fuck. Just because he is a boxing promoter and not an MMA promoter you like him? Bob Arum is a corrupt scumbag, and apparently a moron too. I don't see why he and Don King don't get along. Also, what's wrong with white skinheads? They are surely not the competitors or fans of mma but I would think Bob would be more understanding of skinheads, since he himself is such a blatent racist.

Dana was wrong about Mayweather-Marquez though. He's just mad about the counter-programming even if it's kind of dumb to counter a ppv with a ppv.


I agree. Now I have to figure out what am I out of the two.


I don't care about your opinion.


If he had said that MMA guys all looked like gang members, what with all the ink, I might agree with his pov.

He's probably just jealous because MMA is on prime time and most people don't even have a clue who's the boxing HW champ or any of that. No one follows boxing anymore at all. Boxing is for old timers stuck in the mud.


Just what we need.. Someone that knows nothing about boxing comnenting about it ...and... someone that knows squat about mma commenting about it.... interviewers keep asking these loaded quetions knowing that these guys will fall for the trap everytime... stuff like this is best left ignored...nuff respect for BOTH sports...


He had decent points Mayweather is kind of boring, and it was a poor choice of words but the Majority of UFC are young white guys. I can see where he comes from hes watched boxing his whole life then watches mma where he doesn't understand the grappling, kicks, knees and elbows look cheap and then they can't box. The fans are roudy boo and yell all the time. His sentiments are understandable.


I'm so sick of the "mma sucks because it's all white guys" stereotype racist bullsit. Point out that basketball is 99% black and see what happens to you.



Although I really believe that when MMA is not dominated by whites anymore, white fans will go back to watching pro wrestling. There's no proof that this will happen, it's just a feeling I get.


Enjoy while you can. Because we're coming to take MMA away from you too. You better stick to Hockey.


MMA really isn't dominated by whites....unless you're counting some of the Brazilians as caucasian or something...and some Asians. Remember what dominating means people...and remember that MMA exists outside of the UFC....it helps to get a real perspective.


But in all seriousness, we're taking over MMA. You guys better go back to Hockey and Water Polo.


Bingo! I was wondering if people forgot that Anderson Silva and Machida existed. Even BJ Penn is half Korean or some shit. That's three out of 5 current UFC champs that arent "white." And MMA is big in Japan too so thats a shit load of asian fighters.