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MMA in London, Ontario

Anyone know of or have any recommendations for a good MMA place in Toronto and or london, Ontario?

Thanks for the info

u live in london? my guess is u go to UWO, if so what year r u? im finishing up my first year there in Kin.

there is some kind of Event in London on the 29th- Matt Hughes is going to be there. check his site- you may find a club in town via the event promoter.


School Of HardKnocks. They just had a bunch of guys in the UFC on PPV at the USA vs. Canada. Also another guy who trained there was on the second season of the Ultimate Fighter. From what I know it’s proally the best place in London, and one of the better places in Ontario to train for MMA. Contact Tompkins as hes in charge around there (Team Tompkins).

Check your previous post on MMA in Toronto.

Yeah I go to UWO, I live in Toronto though. Im first year at UWO as well. Im at King’s.

ya matt hughes is doing some sorta thingy, seminar or somethin, in may at the SND at richmond and oxford. pretty much right across from the ceeps.

The Suffer System Fighting Team is the name of the club in London On. that is sponsoring The Matt Hughes Seminar on Saturday, April 29. For more information go to:

The information about the seminar is listed on the home page.

Thanks for the info

That Suffer System club is making quite the buzz around here in London. Lots of news coverage and stuff recently. I haven’t actually checked out their club, but have seen a few of their fighters compete down in Ohio. They seem decent enough.

Matt Hughes coming up here is awesome though. I think I am going to have to check them out. Any club willing to do that for the local scene has to be on the ball…