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MMA - Hindu Squats


This may have been discussed before but i can't find it through searching.

Which is better and why - hindu squats or regular heels-on-the-floor bodyweight squats?

I'm starting to add some bodyweight trainnig at the end of my workouts as a finisher.

I also train for MMA and see how people in the Lion's den do 500 or so squats - is this in one go, or spread over a few sets. Also is there not an issue of overuse injuries with such high reps.



kungfu...I incorporate Hindu squats into my training, particularly when I travel and am in a hotel room. I love them and they will absolutely leave you crippled for days. They'll bring even the most hardened trainer down to their knees (no pun intended). I do between 30-40 minutes straight and for the next few days I have a hard time walking down stairs. If you've never done them with any regularity, they can be a little stressful to the knees but you will get used to them, as will your knees. DOMS is DIRECTLY on the quads. They also get your heart pumping as a side benefit.


Oh yeah, go here...I bought Matt's book. Great source for bodyweight only exercises.



Hindu Squats are great, but I would save your money. I bought the same bought and found it to be not worth the money. If you want a good bodyweight book get Ross Enamait's books. Better quality and more info. Ross is easily accessable if you have any questions.

I used to do up to 300-400 in one ssession, they are great but I noticed I started to lack in explosiveness so I have backed off and added dragon twisting in its place. What a difference.


I don't think there is a nickles worth of difference between the Hindu Squat and the regular body weight squat with heels left firmly on the floor.

Matt Furey has never really made a good case for Hindu's being superior.

By the way he is a shameless promoter. Not up to (or should I say down to) the level of Pavel. Then again Pavel is the king of self promotion, no one is in his league when it comes to hounding the piss out of you with outrageous claims!


I love bodyweight training, but I think I would go out of my mind trying to do 30-40 minutes of body weight squats.


Yeah, Furey is definitely a promoter and pretty anti-weight training/bodybuilding. I remember the first time I did Hindus...I've never experienced deep, deep quad pain like that. It literally took me a week to get over the DOMS and after that I was still a little tight. I think I remember reading in his book that Furey did 1,000 straight Hindus to ring in 2000...phucking nuts!


He did 2001 squats. Supposedly Karl Gotch once did 9001.

I just did 320 reps in about twenty minutes. The great thing is, even though people are talking about being sore for a week (true), once you get used to them you can Hindu Squat pretty frequently. I do them every other day now.

As far as being better than flat-footed squats, hang on let me try a few.


I get more of a strech in the hips with flat ones, but I feel like there isn't as much of a ROM. Also, my back rounds a bit at the bottom. Chalk that up to lack of flexibility, and I'd fall over if I didn't. But when only using your bodyweight, I'm not sure how much of a problem rounding your back really is.

Hindus involve much more balance because you're shifting your weight.

Plus Hindu Squats involve your calves more, but your quads will crap out long before your calves break a sweat.

Just my 2 cents.


U mean quality as in a fancy lookin' book with bells & whistles? Isn't it all about the info that is presented?