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MMA Gyms North of Charlotte, NC


Hey guys complete beginner to the combat sports. I'm looking for a place to train/learn and need a good mma gym in my area. I actually 20-30 north of charlotte in Salisbury,NC anybody got any good suggestions ?


If you don't mind heading into Charlotte there's a Royce Gracie school called, appropriately enough, Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Network of Charlotte. I think Hallie Hair still teaches there, he's one of Royce's students and was a beast when I saw him at NAGA. Although he's more of a pure jiu jitsu guy than MMA, the school is high quality and well run. IIRC it's no-contract $50/month mat fee unless they've raised their rates.


While I was hoping for something closer. Although that was actually one I'm going to check in a couple of weeks, when the crazy overtime at work dies back down. My only concern about that is the lack of stand up. They do have a no Gi/mma class a couple nights of the week. The website says that class involves striking training but I cant find any info on who coaches the striking techniques. Their listed coaches of Hallie Hair and Mike Kogan seem to have an excellent Jiu-Jitsu resume but no striking experience to speak of.