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MMA Gloves


I was working over the B.O.B heavy bag, wearing my MMA practice gloves. I've only used the things maybe 20 times, maybe, and I send a right hand, hard into B.O.B's face followed by a hit to the lower rib cage.

During this hit, my MMA glove fuckin' busts over my middle knuckle and some of the padding leaks out. I stuff it back in, and it happens again over the ring finger not 2 minutes later! I stuff that one back in, get maybe two hits in and the glove splits AGAIN, this time over the index knuckle.

What? Is this a common occurence?

Can you guys recommend better gloves?




Everlast. They came in a training set along with target mits and jump rope...


What kind do you have?

I personally despise MMA gloves, but believe it or not, the best ones I've ever had were the cheap century ones. You might have better luck with these:


Also, I hit BOB's with bare fists. I hit the bag with 16oz'ers. I rarely wear MMA gloves. The only time I do is at smokers or vale tudo sparring in the cage.


I change it up between bare hands and MMA gloves. I don't really wear anything heavier.

But yeah, they were Everlast.


Lol. You are a warrior!


Haha. Thanks dude.


You might want to rethink that a bit. Its better to train with heavy gloves so that when you dont have them on, when you have MMA gloves on, you'll hit harder and faster. MMA gloves, regulation or otherwise, are 4-6oz. I wish there was a way to weight bag gloves even more without putting metal in them.


Gloves and wraps are also important for shoulder health.