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I am looking for a personal trainer for BJJ.

I have been trained in a multitude of martial arts till i was 16; none of them grappling or takedown. But personal issues kept me away and now 6 years later, i have too much pride and feel I am too old to work in traditional class, at least to start. Besides, i wanna practice at an accelerated rate.

So my question is, will a personal trainer be able to teach all the basic and advanced techniques 1 on 1? And should I find a multitude of opponents in like, rec fighting or should i go straight into tournanments (and prolly get my ass kicked.)?

You should swallow your pride and go learn from the ground up. It will build you a solid foundation as well as strengthen your character.

maybe post this in the Combat Sport forums ?

basically you want private lessons.

thats good in conjunction with training with a group. You need the class atmosphere to expose you to different grappling styles and stimulus.

I fail to see why learning techniques with a personal trainer won’t build your character.

Besides, he’s willing to pay for know how, not personality coaching.

It has nothing to do with the personal trainer part…

“i have too much pride and feel I am too old to work in traditional class” is the personal challenge I think he needs to overcome. My 2 cents.