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MMA Fantasy Match-Ups


What match-ups would you want to see? Anybody, any organization.
I would like to see:
Dan Henderson-Franklin
Liddel-Lil Nog
Tim Sylvia-Jerome Lebanner
Wand Silva-Arlovski(Fedor would be too much)
my picks would be
Lil Nog

I think maybe Sak is too old now. Ninja could pull it off, but he hasn't been getting good results lately. Dan is getting older but the level of comp he has had is light years ahead of Franklin's, so on experience and toughness, though it should be a tough fight.

I pick Shogun cause he has had better comp. Lil Nog cause he can take a shot like his brother and should be able to take enough punishment to pull guard. Lebanner beacuse I wanna see a ring death. Rampage cause I think he is a better fighter than Liddel. And Silva cause he stood up with Hunt and Crocop, and dealt with Arona(barely though).
These fights probably will never happen, and I really don't know what the results would be. I am sure people will have serious issues with my picks, that's fine, it is just Fantasy.


I wanna see Hughes double-up on his country breakfasts and fight Frankln @ 185.


Oh that might be interesting. If guys are going into different weight classes then I wanna see Sakuraba against Hughes. They fed one legend(Royce) to Hughes, I think Sakuraba can whup Hughes at 180-185.


Agree on Hughes vs Franklin

Alex Emelianenko vs Tim Sylvia

-Very similar fighters. Alex has faster hands, better technique, and is quicker on his feet. Tim is a little bigger and hits harder. It would be a super brawl.

Saku vs Rickson

-Put the myth to rest, once and for all.

Lidell vs Wandy Silva

-Out of the first big influx of true mixed fighters, these are the two left standing in the most competitive weight class in MMA.

Ray Sefo vs Mark Hunt II

-...this time in the Pride ring. Sefo has the perfect build for an MMA guy, compact and powerful (he seems like a jolly good bloke too). It's been said in K-1 that Hunt has the best chin and second heaviest hands, Sefo has the heaviest hands and second best chin. Two stubborn Samoans slugging it out in a 10 minute round, what more could you want?

GSP vs Hendo

-GSP is a big 170, I dont think he would have any trouble at 185. Decision Dan would have to bring his "A" game.

Fedor vs ...lion, bear, shark?

-Nog can't submit him, Mirko can't outstrike him, what else is there? And seeing a bear in the arm bar would be sweet.


Oh yeah Saku-Rickson! Rickson would ask for a 100 million dollars.
Man GSP against Hendo...I think Dan's "A,B or C" game knocks out GSP. Hendo gave Silva a fight, Nogueira also.

Sefo would be great. I met him he really is a jolly good guy. I always thought Hunt-Sefo would be a fun match under Pride rules. That said I wanna see Sefo-Sylvia. I loved Sapp-Sefo, that was a very satisfying fight. I think Sefo decking Sylvia would take the cake.
Fedor would have to fight tag or handicap matches.


How about Fedor -vs- Don Frye? Frye is powerfull enought to bang with Fedor and has the wresteling background to counter Fedor's Sambo. Frye always impressed me as a better version of Mark Colleman.

Unfortunatly i'd still have to give it to Fedor, but it would be one hell of a train wreck.



Fedor vs Frye would go the way of Fedor vs Goodridge.


That's cool, I'd love to meet Ray. He's always been my favorite K-1 fighter. I wish there was a way I could watch his fight with Ruslan this saturday, but I'll just have to wait till it shows up on the web because the fight isn't on TV here in the states for another month.

Supposedly K-1 has $3 million if Rickson takes a fight with Saku.


I like Frye, he is a nice guy. uhhh....So I don't want to say what would happen to him if he fought Fedor.


If you go to Harajuku, it's a part of Tokyo, you might run into Sefo. I have met alot of K-1 Pride guys. I have three Gold's gyms all 10-15 minutes from my house and at two of them alot of fighters come to lift weights and train. At the other gym they show mma on tv 24 hours a day.
If K-1 wants to win the New Year's rating battle just pay Rickson. I am sure K-1 has more than 3 million though. If Pride can come up with 4 million for Yoshida-Ogawa(which did not do it for me), then K-1 can do this easily.


Frye vs Fedor?

Fedor by any move in MMA. Fedor would eat this dude for breakfast come back and clown Tim Sylvia, and fart in Arlovski's direction and knock him out.

Fujita has been the only guy to really rock Fedor and Fedor went on to cream him. No way Frye could hang.

Fedor vs Any Thrid World Country would be a great match though.

As far as my dream match ups? Eddie Bravo vs Royce. Matt Hughes vs Gomi. Liddell vs Rampage. Liddell vs Wandy. Shamrock vs 2 mile run. Big Nog vs Arlovski. Tito vs Wandy II. Diego Sanchez vs SAT.


Fedor vs. Chuck Norris?
Fedor vs. Ivan Drago (from Rocky IV)?
Fedor vs. an elephant?