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MMA Contest


I went to watch my first live MMA contest. It was "Renegade Extreme Fighting" and was held in Houston, TX.

For the 100 bucks my girlfriend forked out (50 bucks/ticket), it was well worth the price. We had 2nd row seats and I caught a tooth! (just kidding) These guys are incredible athletes and if you haven't seen a contest, definitely do.

The only negative side I saw was:
1.) Unwanted commentary: there were many people who were yelling their expert advise even though they have never fought much less set foot in a gym.
2.) Drunk idiots making unfunny jokes. How did these people get so shifaced? It was a 3 hour event.
3.) People standing. What the hell is the point of seats if people are going to stand? Once one person stands, EVERYONE else must stand. Luckily, in my section no one stood up.



It great on TV, but nothing beats it live. My wife and I went to a mixed MMA and Muay Thai production 2 months ago. Great time.

Check out some amateur boxing too. Those are kick ass.


You think its great live, get in the ring.


Honestly, you're going to get those negatives anywhere you go, so it's best not to let them bother you. Part of the show and all.

I do have to admit that there's nothing more grating when someone pulls guard and in the tenth of a second before the boos start, someone shouts, "hey, look, they're doing it!"


lol - it's a whole different experience from there!


Your girlfriend paid huh.......


he's a pimp...


Dude, I love MMA, but some of the guys that show up to the events can be idiots. I try to make it to every "Rumble on the Rock" as it is the best production we have here, and the last one I went to typified everything you'd normally see. Drunken fans booing an exciting ground match between Jake Shields and David Menne, horrible knowledge of MMA displayed by the fans, did I mention drinking? and what is it about watching MMA that makes guys think they can fight? Brawls left and right once we left the arena...ridiculous.

Still, nothing beats being there live and it is the greatest sport on Earth.


Sounds very different from when I watch Pride matches from Japan, the fans are so into it and also very respectful of the fighters, I could only see booing if the fighers are in guard and are doing absolutely nothing.

Maybe it's an acquired taste or gets better once you become more knowledgable, when I first watched all I wanted to see was the dudes just trade punches, but know I love to see good groundwork, especially the middleweights, man some of the those guys can fly on the ground, and there can be so many reverse moves so quickly, never stop moving.


shields beating down menne was one of the best displays of bjj ive seen in the ring in a long time


How much were tickets to the fight in Japan?



About a month and a half ago, a friend of mine got free tickets to that same event here in Austin but I missed it because I was at a golf get together in San Antonio.

I love watching UFC on Spike. I'm looking forward to UF3 starting soon.


Awesome! I love going to the Axe Fighting shows that my trainers put on. It is the largest, and longest running MMA org in Western Washington that I know of. Nothing like seing a guy get mount, and then pound the ever loving mercy out of his opponent.

Were there any girl fights there? I love to see the ladies go at it. Women who train seem to all really love to hit and work like mofos.



Good point. It's like going to a party where a fight breaks out. After that fight happens, ya better watch your ass because another one is just around the corner. Before you know it, the party is dead and guys are bloody. It's stupid but just the way people get, especially after drinking.


What is UF3?


Ultimate Fighter 3.

It's the 3rd season about fighters who are trying to make it in the UFC. They live together and eventually have to fight each other. First episode is Thursday, April 6 on Spike TV.


Sounds very different from when I watch Pride matches from Japan, the fans are so into it and also very respectful of the fighters, I could only see booing if the fighers are in guard and are doing absolutely nothing.

When ever you watch pride on DVD the fans are watching it like they are watching a chess game, you get the impression they know whats going on when fights go to ground


You do realize that at local MMA events like Renegades a significant fraction of the audience is made up of the fighter's schools right? Many of those people you dismiss as not having fought, probably actually trained with that fighter on a regular basis.

At the last Renegades in Austin large sections of the audience were all folks from the fighters respective schools. Of course the fighters aren't going to listen to anything but the cheers--they're busy paying attention to their corner--but having been to a number of Renegades fights over the years with my own school, I know that there's a lot of knowledgable folks who train in the audience.

Sure, there's idiots who don't know anything too. Then again, isn't this the case at most sporting events? Hell, I'll go to basketball or football or baseball games and yell shit at the players. Of course I realize the armchair playing is a lot easier than being on the court/field/octagon. But yelling and being rowdy is part of the sporting tradition the world over.

Again, drunk idiots are at most sporting events. Sounds like you needed a few beers yourself to lighten up. They got shitfaced so fast because:

a) Renegades usually sells cheap, big cups of Lonestar and other shitty beer.
b) There's hot girls in the lobby peddling MMA gear--so dudes want to keep going back to the lobby to get beer and oggle babes.
c) Renegades is usually held on Friday or Saturday night.
d) It is a Friday or Saturday night.

Ummm, sometimes the seats have shitty angles and you can't see down into the ring without standing. In Houston you're ok on the upper level or close to the ring, but I think some of the mid-level seats have obstructed views. Same deal in Austin. What is the point of paying a lot of money for a ticket if you can't see from your seat?

I'm glad you had fun and all, Renegades is good stuff, and I'd like to see them continue to get support around here, but you sound a little uptight. I mean you sound like a guy who's never been to a college football game (complete with pre-game tailgaiting party), a guy who's never been in a sports bar during a big game for a local team--on the weekend boys are allowed to drink, get a little rowdy and stupid. We're uptight about enough stuff in this country already--take away the right to go to sporting events and drink and be stupid and we're going to have some real problems.


The best fights are in the audience.


Yes, I do realize that people in the crowd were from their school. In fact, I was sitting by people from different schools. They were not the ones offering advice, they were actually the ones getting irritated at the idiots in the crowd. Certainly, I can distinguish between knowlegeable advice and idiotic suggestions like: "quit giving him a 69!".

At that event I had 5 24 oz beers. I drank plenty, but I did not act obnoxious. The beers were also NOT cheap.

What about the people sitting behind the individuals standing? Now the standing person has ruined probably more than one persons view.

Seats also were not that expensive. I sat 2 rows out for 50 bucks. That's how much a nice meal costs.

Before you interpret my opinions as some sort of 'national edemic' you should probably get your facts straight.