MMA/Boxing in Long Island

I’m a total beginner in combat sports/martial arts. Never done any on them but was always interested in Boxing and wrestling. I’m looking to learn the techniques and even compete if the situation is right but as a beginner I would like to focus on just learning techniques and working on fitness for a particular MA or combat sport.

I’m 20 years old and in pretty good shape as it is (lift and played soccer all my life.

Does anyone know of a good school in Long Island?..There is a boxing gym around my area which is in Shirley and it looks really “urban” a little intimidating actually, pretty awesome. Would this type of gym be suitable for a total beginner as my self who isn’t exactly looking to become the next Ali.

MMA or Boxing?

Any recommended gyms?

Thanks guys.

Matt Serra’s BJJ gym, two locations on LI.

I say boxing. Pick one martial art and learn that. MMA means two or more martial arts. I just feel for someone who does it recreationally, your gains will be very limited trying to learn two different disciplines. Just boxing alone will be enough to keep you busy for the next couple years.

I had started both kickboxing and judo and went no where with it for a couple months. Then switched to only boxing and my skills have sky rocketed. I can focus completely on one art. This has been my experience.

Thanks for the input guys. Anyone else? :slight_smile: