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lol ok bros wuts up

listen i have been training mma for a few years now lifting a few years with bb also im 26 love to bro out uknow play game cube listen to dane cook cds wuterver right? this is my pics im proud of my physiques and just would love to spend some quality time with other bros who like mma right?

Ive been fighting and want 2 turn pro next year as i have been talking about in the steroids forums. i luv to fight ill fight anyone any time bench press over 300 pound and deadlift also over 300 pound but honestly i do mostly running conditioning for fighting right bro?

ne way this is my physique carved since i was a kid in the hood, ok peace bros, also jsut rememeber that were all individuals no 1 is better than any 1 else just cuz of lifts or physiques brothers in iron! PEACE


Good idea, bro. Pose for Playgirl to pay for your supplements before you get all those scars, tattoos, and bones sticking out.


I don’t know whether this is a joke or not… either way I think you’re awesome!

Was that english?

hahahaha… i fucking love this website.

[quote]eraserhead wrote:
I don’t know whether this is a joke or not… either way I think you’re awesome![/quote]

I cannot decide if this is brilliance or the lamest troll job I have seen in a long time. I mean, the guy is just throwing out “lol” randomly like it was punctuation in his posts.

Thanks for the good laugh, though.

Fucking A. I was having a really bad start to the work week when I came across this. This shit cracks me up, and I was actually chuckling out loud. Thanks alot BRO?

He just out-Hasselhoffed David Hasselhoff with that pose.

(No WAY this is serious)

Bro, thatslike totaly brody bro bru ba, zippidy do.

Ya dig?

lol! lOOK. Watsup BRO!?

I cant believe that no one else gets the joke.

This is probably the funniest troll job in a while.

Watch this:

“…big black dildo?”


you got a good physique for mma bro. Keep it up, keep the training tough as nails!

This was brilliant work. Very well done.

Clap… Clap clap clap clap

Looking swole, bro.

i cant tell if this post is crap or not. I’m leaning towards crap. Bit in any case you got a 4 in my book. The hair makes it hard to judge…

where are the body builders.

My god he writes like my youngest brother texts