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MMA/BJJ Gyms in Miami Area


I'm moving to the miami area next month and was looking for recommendations for good mma/bjj gyms in miami. I know att has locations all over the place but it doesn't look like they have anything in Miami set up yet. Also, if you guys had any recommendations for good powerlifting gyms in the area, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


I just did a quick search on Google, theres a lot, including an ATT (American Top Team) in Miami. http://americantopteam.com/locations.php

Noguiera has a gym in Miami.

http://www.thumpfightgym.com/ Triumph Gym

Damn! Mate you have a nice choice, i'd recommend Noguiera's or ATT, but theres loads of others. I wish I lived in America!


Yeah, I saw the ATT in Miami, but based on the fact that there was no address listed, I wasn't sure it was up and running yet. The Noguiera place looks interesting.