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[quote]mmajunky wrote:
2 hours mma training, 1.5 hours weights, .5 hours cardio, if i train this hard on juice i believe i would be able to repair faster and train more intense as i do sometimes feel real soar for my next workout but i just try to forget about it and push through[/quote]

So you are extremely overtrained, probably explaining your child like strength, and why you have hit a plateau.

Incorporate deloads.

Steroids can’t fix stupid, sorry. Learn to train first or you will be wasting your money.

what is deloading

Forest griffen stated on tv that he train 8 hours a day, how does that work

With those lifts, at that weight, I’m guessing you are at least six foot tall.

Please post a sample of your weeks weight training and diet.

Oh god another one.

I’m a combat athlete.

AAS will do little to nothing to BAD for your performance as a combat athlete - it will hit your cardio very negatively and unless you know what you are doing, be careful/intelligent about getting into it.


If you have intelligent coaches - they should advice you on this.

You MUST leave a minimum of 24 HOURS between strength sessions and any other skill/conditioining work. MINIMUM.

During periods when my skill work is heavy (i.e most time when i’m fight ready) i DON’T DO MORE THAN TWO STRENGTH SESSIONS A WEEK - giving plenty of time for recovery etc…

AAS will put on muscle and increase your strenght. If these things need fixing for you (which they do) then PROGRAMME PROPERLY.

I just had a fight yesterday. Now in two weeks (or so) time i will be entering a STRENGTH CYCLE.

During this time i will up my strength sessions to three times a week.

I will cut my Muay Thai down to once week - SPARRING ONLY.

In between strength days i will do conditioning which would include hill-sprints - half an hour on the off day to keep the anaerobic system ticking is enough.

My strength phase will last 4-6 weeks (depending on various factors) and include DELOADS.

When a professional like Forest Griffin says he trains 8 hours a day - he doens’t not mean BALLS TO THE WALL 8 hours a day.

Don’t be an idiot - no one can sustain that - as well you should no if you truly were what you pretend to be.

My training incorporates dynamic stretches upon waking - it incorporate “mini” workouts throughout the day - such as isometric punching drills, grip work etc… Stretching and restorative work is classified as part of my daily training - split up in between training sessions - but it is NOT balls to the wall 8 hours a day all day. I do light skipping to remove the lactic acid build up and keep my muscles oxygenated - but this is NOT BALLS TO THE WALL. It’s there to keep my fresh and flexible.

Incorporate what i have WITHOUT AAS, and see your strenght numbers go up. Then try AAS.

ur welcome.

Monday:mma chest
Tues:mma back
Wed:mma arms
Thurs:mma shoulders
Sat:mma no weights
Sun:legs mma

First workout
Morning second in evening

u’re doing a bodybuilder body-part split with your MMA training?? seriously??

you have an “arms” day???

who the hell are your coaches? who is advising you? where the hell did you come up with your programme? wtf are you doing???

man, people wanna do steroids and they don’t even know how to train properly… so sad.

For once Wyldflower, thank you.

Like what every one else has said on here, take a different approach if you want different results. The steroids and groth hormone and other ergogenic aides are not going any where; you are another perfect example of someone who has bought into this overtraining BS.

Yes, there is a place for daily doubles, and yes there is a place for intense training. Try de-loading, try splitting up your mma and resistance training days so you have rest in between and they are not on the same day.

You mentioned how you feel sore often the next day and how you just work through it; do you also feel lethargic? Like you have no energy? What does your body look like; are your muscles kind of flat? I am guessing if you took one week off; without going crazy with your eating (but you allowed yourself some healthy eats) your strength would go up and your mental/physical energy would be 60% better…

Like BBB said, youth is wasted on the young. Do you even realize with the proper knowledge, training, and supplements (and yes, drugs, if that is the route you want to go down) you can be in your peak well into your 30’s??

Don’t throw this bullshit at us about ‘an athlete would know what I’m talking about.’ So many people your age push themselves so hard with such misguided training that they get injured and their career is cut short, full potential never fully realized. Think about it, whether it be your knee, your shoulder, fracturing/breaking a leg, whatever.

You are a big boy and it sounds like you have the beginning of some good strength. Take this into perspective, before I ever touched a steroid (and when I was 22 and out of shape) I pulled 405lbs for a 1 rm on the deadlift. And that was being almost completely out of shape, barely being able to do a few dips or pullups.

Granted when I was in highschool I had done a lot of cleans and squats, but prior to that I had never done deadlifts… Crazy? Yeah, consider in highschool I didn’t do pullups either! I used latpulldowns, and I used shitty form at that.

Op, search this site for some of Chad Waterburys articles on full body training. Two full body workouts per week not training to failure is probably more along the lines of what you need to be doing.

thanks for the info

I dont know if he is a troll or just retarded.