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MMA AS Supplementing Help


Hey guys, I,ve been a long time reader but first time poster (sounds so cliche)

Well here are some stats to start off. I am currently 20 years old and a Serous MMA athlete.
Ive been training MMa for over 9 years and have been weightlifting for 3 years.You could consider me as one of top mma amatuers fighters in the nation. Also I compete at the heavyweight division ( wich in my organization is 290 pounds) So i dont have to worry about weight gain becuase i currently weigh 245-250 pounds. MY lifts are as follows

bench press: close to 300pounds
squat: 365
Deadlift: close to 400 pounds

I already have one amateur title and Will be competing for a second title in around november 2011. I want to use steroids to further my physique. The reason for the early supplementing is becuase I have a limited resources and limited time & space to become more succesfull and hang in on my own as my sponsers are growing eager and I believe I am ready for the next big step.

Kep points
1.) most importanly i want to keep as much gains as possible
2.) has to be out of my system by mid Nov. as I will be tested
3.)looking for strength gains
4.)dont want it to hurt my cardio dramatically (currently have one of the best cardios in my league)
5.)Have to keep my tendons in check as submissions are a big part of my game and I have had prevous troubles with one knee(leg lock) and elbow (arm bar)
6.)weight gain is not an issue at all as I am HWT
7.) will be training around 4-5 hours per day so any comments on this will as be helpfull
8.) I have a good diet for last 1.5 years
9.) current budget around 1200$

Considering all the above I have thought about running Test (short ester), and some EQ for cardio. I also wanted to throw in some var for a kick and maybe help with the tendons.

Im thinking of running for 8- 10 weeks but not sure on the doses

Everything I have said is purely on reading and no experiance what so ever
so all comments would be kindly appreciated especially on my number one objective of keep my gains.

This is something I have to go through with my rise to the top depends on it


MMA since you were 11 huh? What's your name? I may have seen you fight in the toddler division.


No my main base is what I have been training since I was a child. Sorry but i dont want to release my name


No, I don't think you get it. See I figured this was a troll post because of it's bombastic and egocentric ramblings, so I was mocking you for touting yourself as the top amateur MMA fighter in the world and now for thinking that "training" you did when you were 11 did anything or is of some relevance today.

You have much bigger problems than AS to be worrying about if you weigh 250 and you're not even benching 300lbs or DL'ing 400.

Nice cycle layout too btw. You've done your homework.


thanks for the help, instead of just rambling any advice?
I have been told my lifts are good for my age and the wieght is not top priorty when training since I am a fighter not a powerlifter


hahahahaha, good for your age??? The 'ol strength vs. trips around the sun ratio eh? You might as well have said your lifts are good for your intelligence level. Are these the same people telling you you're the best MMA fighter "in the nation"?

Doesn't matter if STRENGTH (not weight) is your top priority- for the amount your lifting it seems like it's not a priority AT ALL.

BTW- I'm 26- can you or your hype-men..err, I mean COACHES tell me how much I should be lifting?



You definitely need to get stronger before you run anything. Being 250 with those lifts sucks, even for someone who is not an athlete and just trying to stay in shape. That being said, there are several options to run and not pop a test.

The best would be test prop till about 4 weeks out, then switch to suspension, and cut it all out about 2-3 days before the fights. You will lose some aggression by dropping it, but suspension will be out of your system in a few days.

Although I think you should not touch anything for awhile.


thanks Bigskwatta


NP, don't disregard the part about you shouldn't touch anything yet though, like I said, you are pretty weak, especially pound for pound....Work on that first.

Also use some bands and chains if you want to get stronger and more explosive. Check out the westside speed work.

Strength training should be your priority, then look back at using. If you aren't pro, is it even worth it? I know its a passion, but unless you get to a level where you just need a little boost to go pro, its a waste IMO...

Also, I kind of think using in tested competitions is shitty, but thats on you, not me.

If you do use suspension until a few days before the competition, you will need to inject twice a day for water based, or once a day for oil based.


Yah i will consider that: problem is i,ve hit a plateu that i cant budge my way around i usaully train low reps with power excercises. And time is of the essence ( i dont have forever to be the best)

Secondly i am basically at the pro level, ive beaten pros but i havent turned pro just becuase i want more fights under my belt, but ive sparred and trained with high level fighters and done well.( you can totally consider this my career)

Lastly the top guys in my weight undoubtly are using enhacments and i just want to even the playing feild, Its almost as if you have to use to become the best, i know it sucks but its the truth


Try the westside training method for awhile. Cut the accessory work back in the program a little since you do so much other training, and I am confident you will see gains.

Don't just go on gear because you hit a little sticking point.

Steroids are your ace card, save it for when you have to have it.

That being said, wait till you turn pro, then go on. If you really can hang with the pros without it, then you can use it to get better. If you need it just to turn pro, then I doubt you will be a high level pro, or be pro for very long.


i would train naturally if i had all the time in the world, but i have limited time ( I guess it something athlete would have know about)


I am an athlete. I got to the point that I was stronger than freshman in highschool before I went on though.
And yes, I do know people who were stronger than you as a freshman in highschool. With th exception of bench, I am one of them.

You need to get closer to your natural potential first, and I highly doubt anyone is pathetic enough for their natural potential to be a 300lb bench, and 365 squat at 250.

Its not even worth your time and money to go on anything if you aren't already going pro...

My advice is turn pro, then go on.


sounds good, ill probably be truning pro in about 10 months time, do you think that is suffeciant time inbetween to make a whole lot of differance


Not even sure what you mean. I said don't go on now.


That's great that you guys can bro-down on MMA, but this kid is beyond fucking CLUELESS and completely delusional. That's really about the most volatile mix imaginable.

Plus, no amount of help or advice you offer is going to sink in as he clearly knows everything there is to know. Like with this great condescending, patronizing, LAUGHABLE quip, "i would train naturally if i had all the time in the world, but i have limited time ( I guess it something athlete would have know about)" To his credit though, I think he's too dumb to realize that comes off as condescending.

And lastly, stop sending me messages "Please dont mock my credential i know where i stand. I really need the help so please dont ridicule my post."

You deserve to be ridiculed for all the reasons I've already mentioned.

1) You're too young
2) You're too dumb and have done little to absolutely zero research
3) Your lifts SUCK COMPLETE ASS and you need to fix that before anything else.

You say you don't care about strength (actually you said something stupid like "moving weight"), so what's the point? AS isn't going to make you a better fighter, it's going to make you stronger. Just like AS doesn't make MLB'ers better at baseball or magically turn them into home-run champions. There's a lot more involved in that and yes lifting weights is a big part of it, but you can't even do that right, so AGAIN WHAT'S THE POINT?


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2 hours mma training, 1.5 hours weights, .5 hours cardio, if i train this hard on juice i believe i would be able to repair faster and train more intense as i do sometimes feel real soar for my next workout but i just try to forget about it and push through


shut up toby queef your comments arent wanted here, i know ive already accomplished more in life then you ever will, dont come back here and post here, ur thoughts arent wanted, you havent given one good word of advice