MMA and Weight Training?

Alright guys! I have decided to take up mma which is 3 times a week Tuesday Thursday Friday obviously I want to continue weight training as well but struggling to find the time with my usual bro split any recommendations on routines? Cheers :+1:

Any of the other four days.

I train Sambo (Russian MMA) 2-3 times a week and lift 3 days. I found a PPL split to work well to a) keep me at full strength for class and b) still increase my lifts. I had to cut a lot of fluff movements and focus on the power-lifts with 1-2 accessories each day.

I try to keep the heavy leg work away from my hardest training day as it slowed down my footwork keeping me from throwing in sparring.

I recommed the following:

Strength Training college edition by Bruno

5/3/1 BBB or rest pause

If you are just starting out with MMA, then I’d encourage you to focus on MMA - at least in the beginning. Lots of new skills to learn. And you’ll want to ensure good recovery, as well.

I train BJJ 2-3 times a week. This was recommended to me last year and worked well.

Wendler’s 2x/week splits are also worth considering (they allow for more recovery time). 5/3/1 Rest Pause fits in this category (I’m doing that right now), as do a number of his other 2x/week programs.

Good luck!

Squat 90% of max one rep one set after minimal stress warm up Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday…

Ivan Abadjiev will make you a terror.

You will need 2 at most 3 days full body splits.
I have experience in mixing a bit boxing and kick boxing with lifting. The main problems will come from shoulders and experiencing burn outs.

Depending on your goals I ll recommend making strength, explosiveness and conditioning blocks or mixing these in a block. Trouble comes from the fact that strength training is really beneficial but intense and MMA training is also intensive. Hard to mix these.

Ideally you will want to go heavy on two movements per work out for example DL and OHP and then Bench and Squat on the other work out when you are training for strength.

For explosiveness you may want to do some olympic lifts mixed with movements that will help you fighting such as burpees.

While when conditioning you may want to experiment with ladder and footwork drills, glute bridges, lateral lunges, lunges in general, battle ropes, burpees, kettlebells, single leg exercices and dumbbell snatches. Some barbell complexes may come useful too.

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Train harder or be more disciplined with you’re time and adjust you’re weight workouts, might have to modify them to suit you’re goals, depends if you want to fight or want to build muscle.
I did an hour of strength/hypertrophy training when I finished work at 3pm, rotating muscle groups each day, followed by mma from 6-7:30pm and boxing 7:45-9pm, 4 nights a week.
Then Straight home to shower, have dinner and sleep.
Nights off were light cardio, hiit or just rest, stretch, recover etc.
You’re workouts will also depend on what warm ups and exercise are done at you’re mma gym, the first half hour - 45 minutes is usually (if it’s a half decent gym) explosive, hiit, and callisthenics based exercises. Then they move onto technique, drills and the rest of it.
This is fairly standard over my 15 years of years of competing.
Watch you’re diet cause you’re metabolism will increase so don’t start eating bulk shit just cause you’ll “burn it off” either.
you’ll also likely cramp up if you’re not getting the right nutrition, fluids and sleep.