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MMA and Weight Training?


Alright guys! I have decided to take up mma which is 3 times a week Tuesday Thursday Friday obviously I want to continue weight training as well but struggling to find the time with my usual bro split any recommendations on routines? Cheers :+1:


Any of the other four days.


I train Sambo (Russian MMA) 2-3 times a week and lift 3 days. I found a PPL split to work well to a) keep me at full strength for class and b) still increase my lifts. I had to cut a lot of fluff movements and focus on the power-lifts with 1-2 accessories each day.

I try to keep the heavy leg work away from my hardest training day as it slowed down my footwork keeping me from throwing in sparring.

I recommed the following:

Strength Training college edition by Bruno


5/3/1 BBB or rest pause


If you are just starting out with MMA, then I’d encourage you to focus on MMA - at least in the beginning. Lots of new skills to learn. And you’ll want to ensure good recovery, as well.

I train BJJ 2-3 times a week. This was recommended to me last year and worked well.

Wendler’s 2x/week splits are also worth considering (they allow for more recovery time). 5/3/1 Rest Pause fits in this category (I’m doing that right now), as do a number of his other 2x/week programs.

Good luck!