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MMA and the Anabolic Diet


Hello guys!

I have been experimenting a lot with my nutrition lately and I am still not happy with the results I got. I am 5'11'' (1m80), weight only 170 pounds (77 kg) and about 14% BF (too much to my opinion!).

I was thinking about trying the anabolic diet. My goal would be to stay at 170 pounds but lowering my BF. Do you guys think it is possible with this diet? Has anybody try the anabolic diet while training MMA?



Sweetie, I have no idea. Maybe you would find it helpful to ask this question in the nutrition forum, giving a quick rundown of your workout?


I’ve tried the AD, not in MMA but in judo and BJJ; The first days my performance went way down… But after a week or two i started to feel ok. Not as good compared when I ate carbs. So nowadays i’m with a carb cycling type of diet. Kinda works for me.

But now i’m gonna try the diet prescribed in the Grappler’s guide to sport nutrition by JB, but with a little less carbs.

I think you should give it a try, and tell us your results :wink:


Well, in order to stay at the same weight and burn fat, you will need to do that and build muscle at the same time. Allowing for a small weight fluctuation may make it easier and then bulk/cut to 170 stronger and leaner, use a Tanita scale or something to track your BF if it’s that important to you.

As for the AD, I haven’t tried it but I’m sure any half decent diet should be effective for your purpose.


Mu current weight really sucks! I can’t loose weight because I am only 170 pounds for 5’11’’ and I can’t put on weight because my BF is already 14%.

I train 12 hours a week while working as a psychologist during the day and still I think the nutrition part of my training is the most difficult one!!


I have a similar situation. I still would like to compete in either MMA or BJJ (used to, but not anymore). I do train MMA 3-4 times per week plus hit the weights at least 3 times.

Started AD about a month ago. I have experienced some decrease in my conditioning workouts, but in return I gained some of my long lost aggression back. Positive aggression.

My power has actually increased, whether its due to the new weightlifting program or AD, I don’t know. Anyways, my deadlift 1RM has increased from 396 pounds to 418 in 4 weeks. Main reason for being in this diet is its simplicity. I can stay at my current weight (200 pounds, 10% bodyfat) easily so I can focus all my energy on training instead of my diet. Still don’t know if it works for MMA or not, but I’ll try this for another month or so and see how it goes…


Tank your for your input ShinobiJago.

I think that I am just going to try and see for myself. I would like to have exactly the same thing you have : not to focus on my nutrition anymore but just focus on my trainings.