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MMA and Gear


So I am moving back to Thailand to train MMA and Muay Thai in the next 4 months and am looking at taking a few cycles as well as possibly low dosing hgh so that I can fight 2 times a month. Now my question is with just about every kind of steroid and hgh being sold at the chemist (pharmacy) which combination or stack would be best for a fighter looking to just get stronger, while staying at the same or roughly the same weight

Second, can anyone clarify or rather tell me if HGH and or Steroids has any effect on bone strength, neuro muscular capacities, and tendon/ligament strength ?




I love Masteron for strength, though I'm not sure if you would be able to find that in the pharms there. A low dose of Testosterone or HCG, plus Masteron should suit your needs well. You could substitute Primobolan for the Masteron, as I'm sure it is readily available there.


From what I've heard most of it is, this is my second go round to Thailand so I'm trying to push as many fights as possible Mma/MT, how well are the recuperative effects ?

So if that's the primary cycle, is anything needed for anti-estrogen, or to normalize you after the cycle is done ?


Before we go any further...What is your cycle history and results? How long are you staying in Thailand? How many cycles do you plan on running? How long do you plan on running each cycle? What does your training look like, especially leading up to and after a fight? Is money an issue?


Money isn't really a issue seeing as how most of the stuff since its sold legally is a cheaper than gear bought in the US. I'll be staying in Thailand for a while, at least until I can start picking up paying US fights. As far as my cycle history, I've done mainly pro-hormones but that just wont cut it I have a feeling. As far as the cycle length I've found from my experience from supplements in general 45 days on, 15 days off works rather well with me, but any suggestions you may have are welcomed.

My typical workout is going to be as follows;

7am - yoga
8am to 10am - muay thai
1pm to 2pm - weight program below
3pm to 5pm - 3 mile run, mma/bjj

Floorpress 5 x 3 /ss/ Bentover row 5 x 5
Benchpress 5 x 5 /ss/ T-bar row 5 x 5
Inclinepress 5 x 5 /ss/ Dumbbell Row
Dips 5 x 5 /ss/ Pullups 10 x 5 (w/ wieght if needed)

Hangclean from Thigh 5 x 5 /ss/ Hangclean from shin 5 x 5
Highpull 5 x 3
Deadlift 5 x 5

Wieght Rest

Repeat A

Powercleans 5 x 5 /ss/ Half Squats 5 x 5
Jump Squats 5 x 5
Olympic Squats 5 x 5

Push Press 5 x 5
Powerrack Military Press 5 x 5
Dumbbell Press 5 x 5

Sets alternate on a weekly basis between 85% max strength, and 55%-65% using maximum controlled speed. Which was actually part of a question on my post in combat sports.

Right now I'm taking the full range exercises and every other week doing reps focused on propelling the weight as quickly as possible to simulate actual muscular use in fighting or throwing/pushing someone off me.


So in other words you have no experience and you have no idea how to run AAS?

You really need to realise that taking steroids is very different than using pro-steroidal supplements.

You WILL experience some side effects, and you need to learn what they are and how to avoid/cure them WHEN they occur.
You WILL need more drugs to come off the Steroids safely, to make sure you recover as fast as possible - especially as your career depends on it.
You need to learn which AAS are counter-productive to your needs, and many of them are.
You need to learn why HGH is or isnt beneficial to your needs - because at this moment you are planning on spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on GG but do not know why!
You need to learn that you will have to have very specific times on/off to maximise results and minimise side effects/recovery issues.

As you can see, it is not a matter of taking a few shots or pills for 45 days with 15 off (a baad plan BTW), it is about designing effective cycles of hormones with correct ancillary drug usage and optimal time to recover with the correct drugs to assist this.



Of which no information you just gave me was useful in the slightest...Oh wait how about this...

I understand that HGH is one of the most beneficial simply because it builds muscle, looses fat and I asked if it did a few other things as well because I couldnt find any information relating to it and I hoped someone would know.

I understand (most likely more so than you Brook) the reason why you take anti estrogens (to free up available test and stop conversion) when your on a cycle and wanted to know what was the best gear to run thru a cycle with said boosters

I also understand why its recommended to take injectables over pills and why its imperative unless you want to spend months recovering to take products designed to regulate liver, thyroid, and testosterone production, oh and again I WANTED TO KNOW TO RUN.

And last, I'm well aware that different gear has different side affects, and again surprise I wanted to know what to run with the cycle, not taking my time to read a post that sounds like your trying to deter me from achieving the next "level" of things

So while I'm wiping my ass with your post Brook, thanks to everyone else that can positively contribute to my goal in question.


Lol, good luck getting any help now.


I'm not own here to suck up to people who lord over others. W.H.B was a big help in pointing me in the right direction and I'm thankful for it. But I'm not a retard, and I'm not posting on here to have someone tell me I know nothing. So unless you can contribute in a beneficial way to what I say keep it to yourself, if I wanted comedy I'd watch the comedy channel.


Well - if you know all that - why the fuck are you here asking for answers to the most basic of questions then?

You are clearly an arrogant little shit - with so little intellect, you cant even pull up past posts about the person you are trying to flame - just to check if you do know more than them - as you so boldly claimed.

But then, if you could do that - you could have searched competently for the answers to the very poor quality questions you asked too - but nope, you can't do even that.

I don't need to systematically answer to each of your points - because i know what i know, the people that post here know what i know - and we ALL know what you know.. let me leave you with a few quotes:

"..can anyone clarify or rather tell me if HGH and or Steroids has any effect on bone strength, neuro muscular capacities, and tendon/ligament strength..?"

"..with just about every kind of steroid and hgh being sold at the chemist (pharmacy) which combination or stack would be best..?"

When discussing a Masteron cycle (and believing it is available as a Human Pharmaceutical product);

"..So if that's the primary cycle, is anything needed for anti-estrogen, or to normalize you after the cycle is done..?"

"..As far as the cycle length I've found from my experience from supplements in general 45 days on, 15 days off works rather well with me.."

I rest my case - you are right, your knowledge on AAS cycle design is far superior to anyone elses - especially mine.

Please, please give me more quotes.. :smiley:


Do you know why the very intelligent and diligent WHB suddenly asked you about your cycle history and experience? It was because you showed a complete lack of knowledge in the area of AAS with the post asking if you needed to use PCT with Masteron, or if you needed an 'anti-estrogen' with it.

You really are one of those posters with a baad attitude, who can't see past his own arrogance to learn anything!

Can't you even take the word 'Masteron' and google that to find out the answers you required to attain its suitability for your goals? Nope!

Fucking pillock. Good luck with using AAS for a career, when you clearly know so little about them. Your training plan looked competent and knowledgeable - thats IF you wrote it yourself; but you haven't displayed that same intellect in learning about the fundamental parts of chemical enhancement, which suggests to me you didn't write the program yourself..

Very sad if you intend to earn money with the results that training programs and steroids can give you.


I love the steroid forum!

Sorry if that wasn't a beneficial contribution.


its ok lol, I'm just anti-assholes.


I think we should start ignoring threads that don't conform to the cycle proposal guidelines stickie. I understand the first timer who has researched the basic TestE @ 500mg a week and found the literally hundred of identical threads on the subject being worried that somehow THEY are fucking it up. I don't think anyone here has a problem giving them a nod that they've hit every point or else need minor tweaking. But these people that come in here and read nothing, including the stickies, then post thier antiquated if not outright ignorant ideas about AAS and get pissed when they get called on it. One doesn't have to be a genius to see after a handful of threads that vets like Bill, Brook, BBB, Bonez, etc. etc. know thier shit.

Bottom line: Let's stop answering posts unless they are made with a minimal degree of intellect and research.


Please dont stop.

The only reason I tune in everday is for witty responses to first posters who say:

"Hey Bros
My Broski at the gym has been injecting me with Broderol for like two months and now im lactating. What should I do?"

Again...please dont stop.


Wow...this thread got out of hand, quickly. I was going to write a follow up, but I think Brook covered it, thanks!


Brook is by far the best, most reasonable, most informed, most mature poster on here.


Lj, slow down. Brook wasn't being an asshole, he was just being forthright. Like most dojos/clubs say, "Leave your shoes and ego at the door." The guys around here are more than willing to help you out with your questions but you have to be able to put up with some criticism.

As a fighter myself who uses AAS, I think WHB's recommendation, Test/Masteron, is a good one (especially if you want to stay within your weight class). I really really like Test/EQ also, whereas my training partner prefers Test/Winstrol. You'll have to experiment and find out what works best for you. My preferred AI is Aromasin but again you'll have to find out through trial and error what's best for you. I've never tried HGH but from everything I've read it sounds like it'd be fantastic for fighters, specifically for all those little injuries that grow into big ones.

I'd also recommend you plan your AAS around how long you're going to be in Thailand. If you're just going for 1-3 months then I'd just say stay on for the duration, but if you're going to be there 6 months or more then you need to come up with a schedule of "very specific times on/off to maximise results and minimise side effects/recovery issues" as my good friend Brook said earlier.

Jelly Roll


Ya - IF i was to recommend something, with the little experience i have in that kind of fighting (having taken some MMA classes) i would have thought a moderate and maximum dose of test and mast (respectively) would be excellent - plenty of strength, aggression, controllable weight gain and lean muscle.

I may be tempted to throw in 200mg of Tren too - that dose coupled with the Masteron should not cause much aerobic problems, and if it does the acetate 'version' can be easily dropped - IMO the lean gains, strength and aggression should be very useful.

I would be tempted to play with a few cycles in training before taking them straight to the mat personally..


Sorry for snapping Brook,

Ok so for how long I'll be there it could be a while the reason being,

Euro-Asia fights don't really test fighters they just want to see a show, so while I'm building my record up to Strikeforce, UFC, RoC and KoC standards, I need to stay injury free.

As far as cycles go and doing mini cycles with alot of them to try what works on me, is it possible ? , or is the saturation period as such that you have to take x amount of mg/dose for y amount of time before saturation levels reach a point of providing benefits ?

Anyhow, thanks for all the possible solutions guys, I should be getting a video camera sometime within the next month, going to post all my fights/training on Youtube when I start training full time again.

Later and thanks everyone