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MMA Analyst Luke Thomas on Joe Rogan Podcast

I"ve been listening to Luke Thomas for years. He’s easily my favorite MMA analyst. Smart, insightful on both grappling and striking. If you like the fight game, then he’s a guy worth getting to know. He’s also a big powerlifting/Olympic lifting fan and no friend of the anti-doping Moral Majority in sports.

I don’t like Lukewarm Thomas. I can’t recall him ever saying something interesting or illuminating. If you’d be so kind and give us cliffs or tell us to which point we should fast forward I’d be thankful.

Your opinion on Luke Thomas is not widely shared. His analysis has been praised consistently by coaches, fighters, and fellow analysts. His “Dissected” series is as good as it gets (almost too good, according to Max Holloway, the City Boxing team, etc.)

That said:

0:11 Covid
4:30 Iraq & the Marine Core
9:00 Police training
14:46 The Gracies & Vitor Belfort
20:01 MMA heavyweights & Wilder vs Fury
35:51 Wilder photo
38:23 If Roy Jones Jr was Wilders trainer
40:20 Khabib vs Gaethje breakdown
42:55 The GOAT & Jone Jones
53:40 Athletic brothers/sisters & fighting
57:24 Steve Macho & Jones beef with Luke
1:04:42 Fighter pay & management
1:13:08 An MMA union & broke fighters
1:20:28 The UFC industry integration
1:26:00 Fighter value (MMA vs Boxing)
1:33:55 Leon Edwards & MMA rankings
1:37:10 BT sports
1:38:23 Kamzat Chimaev & MMA knockouts
1:44:29 TRT in MMA
1:47:33 Jon Jones & Tim Silvias arm injuries
1:52:38 MMA monopoly & other organisations
1:55:29 Gilbert Burn
1:58:18 Jorge Masvidal & Al Iaquinta
2:02:25 Josh Thompson & Bodog
2:07:57 Anderson Silvas career & cutting weight
2:23:21 ONE FC & their weight cutting system
2:30:30 Steroids, USADA & drug testing
2:48:10 Yoel Romero
2:55:58 Striking
3:01:47 Isreal Adesanya
3:05:43 Jan Blachowicz
3:10:33 Alex Perrera & Glory
3:18:58 USADA & anti-doping

Is the dissected series on YouTube ?

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Every single episode.

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Sweet il check it out , cheers

Don’t agree with Thomas on everything, but he’s insightful, educated, funny, thorough and not afraid to speak his mind. If his Rogan appearance was an audition, he fucking nailed it.