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MMA Amateur Title Fight

Here’s a video of my recent fight from about 3 weeks ago. It was for the Georgia Amateur Bantamweight State Title, nothing big but it’s cool to say that I fought for some sort of belt. Yes, those are shin pads, Georgia ammy rules are lame.

I train out of The HardCore Gym in Athens, GA (this gym has produced names like Forrest Griffin and Brian Bowles among a few). Yesterday marked 5 years since I started training with absolutely no background in any contact sports, and a former fat kid. Since I began training I obtained a degree in Exercise Physiology from UGA, and have dedicated myself to training and training others (strength and conditioning). Not sure when I’m going pro, but there’s no such thing as too much experience. Please give me your honest opinions, I know I have several holes in my game that need work.

Last but not least, about a week prior to this fight my Dad was diagnosed with dementia (no surprise to me, he’s been going downhill for a while). He always supported me even though he thought MMA is crazy. I would like to dedicate this fight to him.

I’d say your footwork looks pretty weak. Your feet come together a few times. Sometimes your back leg is directly behind your front leg. Sometimes when you’re moving backward you’re stepping with your front foot first bringing your feet together before moving your back leg. Your back leg should move first when moving back. Same with the front leg. I noticed you’d move your back leg up first and then step forward with your front leg to move forward.

That’s the way I was taught anyways. I don’t know if other gyms teach different ways but I don’t think so. I don’t really see pro MMA fighters moving differently in their fights.

Hard to tell about other stuff as the fight was so short and I don’t do grappling so can’t comment on that.

Yea my stand up needs a lot of work. I’m predominantly a grappler/wrestler, but I am trying to work on my striking, and more importantly, trying to figure out how to mesh it with my wrestling. I’ve been working on my boxing a lot, but my performance is never as good in the cage as it is in training. Just gotta keep competing until I get more comfortable.

I’m about to start working with a boxing coach, and focus on technique/skill work. This guy I fought had much better stand up than me so I was surprised that he shot on me. I lucked out! Thanks for the advice Grimlorn, hopefully my next one will show improvements.

I wouldn’t say you lucked out. You hurt him with that cross. Hard to tell if the hook afterward landed, but he was hurt. That’s why he shot in on you.

Kind of hard to tell if his striking is better than yours. He’s just throwing some kicks at the beginning. Maybe you saw some of his previous fights. I’m not a fan of him just throwing kicks like that at the beginning of the fight. He’s not setting up his kicks and you’re looking to counter immediately after one which is what I’d probably do. It’s the beginning of the fight and you’re wearing shin pads so you’re going to be able to counter more easily and the kicks aren’t going to hurt as much.

He did catch you with a kick to the face but it must have not landed cleanly because it doesn’t look like it hurt or slowed you down.

Nice job fighting out of the kimura, good job, and keep up the good work!

[quote]Heroic Wolf wrote:
Nice job fighting out of the kimura, good job, and keep up the good work![/quote]

Thank you HW! That was definitely a close one, he caught me off guard since he pulled it from mount bottom. Just glad he went for the good shoulder, I had surgery on the right one 3 years ago and it’s nowhere near as flexible.