MM2K-Jump the Shark

In your opinion, when did the original MM2K Jump the Shark.

I just recently purchased the MM2K dvd. It has every issue from #32 or so to the last issues printed in 2002 or so.

There is a noticable difference in my enjoyment of the magazine after the April of 1997 issue.
After that point the entire “mood” of the magazine seemed to change.

Not far after that point, it seems like every article is either written by bill phillips or porter freemen, or it is some psycobable mumbo jumbo all tied around the body for life contest and book.

As I read the old articles I had a certain feeling of nostalgia, saying to myself “how could anybody say that there was something wrong with this magazine, this is great”.

then I hit the later issues, and then I remembered why I stopped reading the magazine.
One of my favorite things from the old magazines was bill phillips mustache. You can actually see his ego grow as the magazine progresses along. There is almost a direct correlation between when he shaves off the mustache and when his head begins to grow uncontrolably.

I totally agree with your observation. I too read every issue of MM2K and in the beginning loved the idea/philosophy - much the same as with Biotest now.

I also agree that over time the tone of the magazine changed - the ego became way too involved and the content watered down. A cult following emerged that wouldn‘t tolerate any negative letters - this attitude totally turned me off。 Towards the end is when I discovered Biotest - the idea of Biotest was fresh - just like in the old days of MM2K. I guess this was no coincidence as the founders of Biotest were once with MM2K.

It is my hope that Biotest will not go the same route - but you know - it eventually will。 Cults will emerge (as if they haven’t already) to pounch on any one who dares deliver any constructive criticism of Biotest。 The commercialism over content will creep in - it will go public or Tim will sell it to Quaker Oats and he will retire to some south east asian island and live happily ever after。That is the law of business。One day accountants will rule Biotest( no offence meant Rainjack)。

Please no flames - this is just my opinion。 If you don‘t agree you can say - “ No I disagree, Biotest would never do that - they will be true to their original hardcore philosophy forever and will never sell out to a corporate giant。” I hope you are right but I doubt it。

I think Tim has done an excellent job with this and put out some superior and some not quite so superior products over the years and we are enjoying the ride with them。 It just won’t last - just like MM2K。Just like my tailor and my grocer - Biotest can have my money until I no longer wish to give it to them - simple。

If Tim sells out to quaker oats, does that mean TC has to wear one of those revoloutionary war wigs like the guy on the cover of the oatmeal?

[quote]MikeShank wrote:
If Tim sells out to quaker oats, does that mean TC has to wear one of those revoloutionary war wigs like the guy on the cover of the oatmeal?[/quote]

Hell no he will have bought the island next to tim and will have stocked it with 300 vestial virgins.