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MM at 20- Too Young?


Hey guys what are your thoughts on a 20 year old taking methyl masterdrol? PCT would be Nolvadex at 60/40/20 per week.

20 years old
Height- 6'2"
Weight- 211 pounds

Lifts- Bench 255, Deadlift 425, Squat 305

BTW ive been 6'2 since I was 16 so I am definately done growing


Well, I think you should wait a couple more years and get a bigger, better base as well as more natural strength before you add any androgens but that is up to you. Plus, 60 mgs of novadex? that sounds like a helluva lot...


I'd say the problem with you taking steroids is your weak numbers, not your age.


You are right. Thanks for the reply.


I agree.


Too young. You need to get a lot stronger and diversify your training before you need any AAS.


You'd be shortchaning yourself. However, it's REAL nice to see that you are mature enough to realize it. Keep working at it and I'd say you're prime for getting some real decent gains from otc products and obviously lots of food, rest and training hard.


Too young.