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Right now my diet consist of:

breakfast: 300 cal muscle milk shake 32g protien, 11g carbs

meal 2: small portion of banana and berries w/ cottage cheese, fat free yogurt and p.b. and sunflower seeds.

pre workout 1 hr before: 300kcal shake

after: another shake

dinner: spring salad, light olive oil, lean meat variation, some nuts

before: bed shake

4 x 300= 1200 kcal, 128g protien, 44 carbs, probably 40g fiber

my question is?

while taking multi vit, plus hydroxy hardcore (I am going to continue the use because I had a 50lb fat loss success two years ago on hydroxycut and im still alive, I will do a GET SHREDDER DIET split w/ green tea and ZMA every other week to lower the dosage of hydroxy to cut back on the harmful affects. I need to get a fish oil as well.

is this a version of my own Velocity diet, or am I at any danger with continuing this fat loss method of mine for 2weeks at a time and a carb load day?


No, it isn't even close to the Velocity Diet.


Your avatar makes me want to punch a hole in my wall.


128g protien

Are you a small child? Double that, unless you want to lose muscle.

Jesus, what happened to eating right and going to the damn gym?


That went the way of the dodo my friend, the way of the dodo.


muscle milk=diabetes in a can. If you're trying to lose weight get off that shit, it only puts it back on. I used it for a 5 month period and saw more fat gain than muscle....

Get 100% isolate whey protein for after workouts and a soy/milk based protein shake such as Syntha-6 for your other shakes during the day and at night.

Also, keep your carbs up for energy in the gym, I like the usage of zma...fucking love that shit!

Otherwise, i like it, keep the workouts intense and cardio up, carb cycle and keep protein in ya at all times. Shake at mid-morning, before workout, Whey protein after workout, and shake before you go to bed.

Keep it up man!


Weight: 185
Height: 6'1



well I got a great deal on a jug of muscle milk with advance fiber sooo i wasnt going to miss out on that. With that being said. I used to be 230 lbs, at 5'6 when I was 16 now 5'9 165lbs and 20 years old I am trying it again but more honed on the nutrients.

I originally lost the fat with a very similar diet to all those in doubt of the diet, but I wasn't gaining muscle as much as i wanted to do to the lack of carbs this time around I am getting the carbs in my 4 shakes enough to keep my glucose level high enough to keep me alert all day and not dragging.

Plus I am a studying Diet Technician and before any supplement regime begins you have to realize our bodies only absorb about 40% of the shit we digest. Unless it is your main consumption of nutrients like in my case when I rely on 4 shakes a day + specific nutrient dense super foods.

SO hopefully in theory my expenditure of kcals daily burns keytones and doesnt store unwanted carbs in my patiently waiting adipose cells.


There's suposed to be something in Muscle Milk that is potentially harmful. I can't remember what, but it was enough to make me reject it forever.


Chocolate milk is about 1/3 the price of muscle milk. The only real reason I can fathom to use MM would be if one was lactose intolerant.


well the good thing about muscle milk other than being the number one protein shake for eva is that it is an excellent source of fiber now.

Until the age of 18 I had a endomorph body type at 230 lbs. Now I am 20 and weigh 165 relatively toned except the dreadful stomach area that is so hard to create muscle in and keep fat off at the same time.

My goal is to lose 5% body fat. Then see where I am at at that point as far as symmetry and body composition.

Is it truly possible on this diet for 14 days then carb day then repeat?

time will tell is the only answer


It's also an excellent source of G-Amine, or "EndoCreatine" as Cytosport calls it.

This is taken from the Dave Barr article on the aforementioned compound:

"But wait, there's MORE! Order now and you'll get another potentially dangerous ingredient for free!" One particular supplement ("SWOLE") combines GPA with another potentially dangerous substance known as Glycocyamine (G-amine). Sadly, G-amine (also known as guanidinoacetate) has been picked up by a few different supplement companies who obviously don't do any research on what they're getting people to ingest.

The reason G-amine is so popular (from a marketing standpoint, not from the consumers) is because it is the precursor to creatine. Just like Testosterone can come from andro, creatine comes from G-amine. The theory is that you jack up G-amine levels and you get a whole bunch more creatine. The really asinine part is that, you can just directly take creatine!

Unfortunately, consuming this chemical seems to have the undesirable effect of elevating blood levels of a substance called homocysteine, which is a very strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease (Stead et al., 2001). Cardiovascular disease is easily the number one killer in the Western World, and the last thing we need to do is increase our risk for it.

Conversely, taking creatine decreases homocysteine levels, raising even more therapeutic possibilities for this supplement. As if to spit on your grave, if you're supplementing with creatine, G-amine may also decrease its uptake by muscles (Zugno et al., 2003)."

Personally, I'd never voluntarily consume anything linked to CVD.

Also, the fiber in Muscle Milk comes from less than desirable sources and there's little research to back Cytosport's claims concerning the inclusion of the MCT's.

I'm not saying Muscle Milk is a terrible product, but I definitely wouldn't rely on it for 66% of my caloric intake. I think you'd get much better results focusing on your aforementioned "specific nutrient dense super foods" and cutting your protein powder intake in half, if not down to just one shake a day.

And please, for my sake, order some Metabolic Drive if you stick with your four shakes per day plan. Two scoops, plus some flaxseeds, and you'll have a much healthier alternative that's a clean swap, macro-wise.



Glycocyamine has been removed from MuscleMilk, people.


Plus this guy should be drinking cytogainer instead. :).


Only if he gets it for about 5 bucks.

Otherwise, buy some whey and add in some cheap cheap maltodextrin and SHAZAAAM! budget cytogainer


But yes I agree give him some Calories please, any Calories.