Mlupica Training Log


I am currently doing Starting Strength. This week’s final 5 rep numbers were:
Back Squat: 205 lb
Bench press: 150 lb
Overhead press: 100 lb
Deadlift: 300 lb

My short term goals are:
Back Squat: 300 lb
Bench Press: 200 lb
Overhead Press: 150 lb
Deadlift: 400 lb

My long term goals are:
Back Squat: 400 lb
Bench Press: 300 lb
Overhead Press: 200 lb
Deadlift: 500 lb

My plan, is to use SS as long as possible, and then switch to the texas method. If I have not met my goals, and the texas method crashes on me, I will switch to 531.


I weigh myself every day, and my wife takes my various circumferences on saturday. I always figure that there is a 5-10% error in the measurements because my wife is an unenthusiastic participant and, although she is a very intelligent person, she finds the jots and tiddles of a measuring tape rather daunting. All measurements are in inches. All weights are in pounds.
WEIGHT- 226.4 +4
NECK- 16 +.25
CHEST- 43.75 -.625
HIPS- 44.75 -.75
R ARM- 16.5 +.25 L ARM- 16.75 +.5
R THIGH- 28.5 +.75 L THIGH- 27.5 +.25
R CALF- 15.375 SAME L CALF- 15.75 -.25

I was out of town the beginning of last week till Wendsday. So I only got two starting strength workouts in and my food, for most of the week, was restaurant style. The same will be true next week, as I am going on a little family vacation to Branson, Mo. I don’t expect to get in any SS workouts, but I’ll probably rough something together in a hotel gym. Also, I will eat quite a bit. No apologies…Anyways, I’ll get back on track the next week.


My wife, my son and I stopped in Springfield Mo. to meet up with the rest of my family. Went to the YMCA with my sister. It has been a while since I visited a commercial gym. Normally I train in my basement. I think given the choice I would prefer my basement. I pulled a muscle in my back on my 3rd rep of my working set in the deadlift, but I imagine that is par for the course. Or put more plainly: 6hrs under-hydrated in a car + deadlift = one pulled back muscle.

Back squat 3x5-210
Overhead Press 3x5-105
Deadlift 1x5-310
Chins 3xasmany-6,5,4

All and all, a good workout. I think, I’ll let it rest there till I get home.


I am still in Branson Mo. Busted out the two 35lb kettlebells that I brought with me, and did this little workout:

Double K.B. clean+press 5x10
Double K.B. clean+squat 5x10
K.B. hand-hand swing 2x50

I am really looking forward to getting back home and making some progress on S.S.


I’m back home in Yuma, and back to work.

Weight: 231.6
Water: 5 qts.
Supp: Multi Vitamin, Creatine 3.5g, L-glutamine 3g, Fish Oil 4g, Mineral Support 7cap
Protein: 211 g
Carb: 201 g
Fat: 141 g
Calories: 2851 cal

Back Squat: 3x5-215
Bench Press: 3x5-155
Power Clean: 3x5-135
Pull Up: 3x as-many 6,4,4

K.B. Swing: 5x20-55
Sledge Slam: 5x20-10

I also walked about an hour with James(my son) and the Dogs.


WEIGHT- 228.6 +2
NECK- 15.5 -.5
CHEST- 43.5 -.25
BELLY- 42.75 +.5
HIPS- 45 +.25
R ARM- 16.25 -.25 L ARM- 16.5 -.25
R THIGH- 28.75 +.25 L THIGH- 28.5 +1
R CALF- 15.375 SAME L CALF- 15.75 SAME

Water: 4 qts.
Supp: Multi Vitamin, Creatine 3.5g, L-glutamine 3g, Fish Oil 4g, Mineral Support 7cap
Protein: 230g
Carb: 287g
Fat: 168g
Alc: 24g
Calories: 3677cal

Walked 1hr


Weight: 229.6
Water: 6 qts.
Supp: Multi Vitamin, Creatine 3.5g, L-glutamine 3g, Fish Oil 4g, Mineral Support 7cap
Protein: 199g
Carb: 211g
Fat: 114g
Calories: 2608cal

Walked 1hr


Weight: 229.2
Water: 6qt
Supp: Multi Vitamin, Creatine 3.5g, L-glutamine 3g, Fish Oil 4g, Mineral Support 7cap
Protein: 249g
Carb: 507g
Fat: 152
Calories: 4308

Back Squat: 3x5-220
Press: 3x5-110
Dead: 1x5-320
Chinup: 3x as-many 7,5,4
Situps: 3x10-15
Side bridge: 1x30sec-40lb vest
Get up: 1x4-25

Walked with 40lb vest 1 hour.


Weight: 228.8
Water: 4 qts.
Supp: Multi Vitamin, Creatine 3.5g, L-glutamine 3g, Fish Oil 4g, Mineral Support 7cap
Protein: 260g
Carb: 336g
Fat: 190g
Calories: 4267cal

Walked 1hr/stretched/foam rolled
K.B. Swing 5x50-35/ not sure why I did this


Supp: Multi Vitamin, Creatine 3.5g, L-glutamine 3g, Fish Oil 4g, Mineral Support 7cap

Back Squat: 3x5-225
Bench Press: 3x5-160- this is a post-surgical PR
Power Clean: 1x1-140

Started feeling pain in my brachialis about three weeks ago that came to a head today. I went back through my notebooks and decided it probably started with some heavy rows and was compounded by a couple of retarded hotel workouts. I was unable to finish my cleans. Luckily my wife was home (she’s a family doctor), and we set up a plan for rehab.

So I am quitting SS for a couple of weeks, or at least changing it a bit. My next workout will be monday per plan. I will try this:

Safety squats 3x5 (as holding the bar in place for back squats is bothering my arm)
Press 3x5
deadlift 1x5 using only a reverse grip
Eccentric chinup 3x2 with a 5 second count

And no stupid shit…

Hopefully 2 weeks of this with ice and ibeprofen will lick it.

To be honest, I am real upset about this latest injury. I know I’m being a sissy, but when I read Dinasaur Training two years ago and set out on my rather modest path I had no idea how many derailments there would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed the ride,and I will continue trying.

I also fully realise that, if I hadn’t of sprained my knee, I wouldn’t have lost the 40lb. And if I hadn’t have torn my labrium I wouldn’t have concentrated more on leg strength or found SS (which I really love). It is difficult though to make progress, and then have it slip away. I always hated rework as a carpenter, and I have not become anymore fond of it.

I’ve been talking to the wife, and thinking about back squats and what I’ve changed. I’ve come to two conclusions

  1. I absolutely have to write more things down. I use my personal training journals to chart progress, and this to be public about it(even if no one ever looks), but I have to start writing down all the little nagging injuries and changes I am making to compensate for them.
  2. I am pretty sure that shrinking my grip on back squats is going to alleviate my pain. I remember deciding I would widen them for my shoulder, but I can’t remember when. Thus the first point.
    So scratch the safety squat(I hate that thing any way). I’m going to squat,bench,press and deadlift. Along with the negative chins, which my wife assures me will right my wrong. I am going to narrow the grip on the squats, and reverse the grip on the deads. First and foremost, mostly because the doc insists, I will takeoff until monday.
    A plan. I feel better already.

I have been reading Bud Jeffries book “I will be iron” and have been contemplating changing the power move in workout B to a swing. In my mind it still works as an assistance exercise for the dead, but it will eliminate the chance that I am reaggravating my injury. I think I will use a simple 3 bell progression adding ten reps a set every time through or 5x50-45; 5x50-55; 5x50-65; 5x60-45; 5x60-55 etc. till 5 sets of 100 are achieved.

My bicep is basically healed up…figured out my technique problem, and will try ss again in about 4 weeks. I decided to lose a little some more fat in the mean time. Currently I am playing with the velocity diet and all their suggested hoopala. I hate it thus far, but I think your supposed to. It is a massive chore to finish each shake, and I find myself dreading meal time. Any who I’ll check in now and again.

Back on starting strength. Started last monday with 135lb on the bar and have been making 10 lb jumps, paying attention to form and aches/pains. Not doing cleans this time through, yhe catch bothers the bicep. Substituted pendley rows. Also, I’m keeping deads 50 lb over squats and leaving it, so they don’t drag on the squats.

mon. 9/10
back 3x5 135
bench 3x5 135
row 3x5 135
hyper 3x10

wends. 9/12
back 3x5 145
press 3x5 95
dead 1x5 195
sit-up 3x10

fri. 9/14
back 3x5 155
bench 3x5 145
row 3x5 145
hyper 3x10 5

mon. 9/17
back 3x5 165
press 3x5 105
dead 1x5 215
situp 3x10 5