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MLB Season 2011


I tried searching and couldn't find a new topic on it yet. The biggest news is centered around the Cardinals so far in training camp. Pujols is waiting till the end of the season to sign a new contract and it looks like Wainright might have torn the tendon in his elbow. That sucks since Wainright is a great pitcher to watch.


I'm patiently waiting to see the pale hose with their new acquisition Adam Dunn. They are gonna have Jackson throwing the whole year and hopefully Peavy will be healthy. Beckham should have a bounce back year and Quentin will hopefully do better himself. Lookin' to take the AL central crown.


I went to a bunch of Nats games last year. It is fun to watch Dunn bat in person. Dude is huge and when he gets a hold of one you know it's gone right away.

His strikeout binges will annoy you though.


I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of year Mat Latos will have. I think he is still a year or 2 away from knowing exactly what we have with him, but the kid is on the fast track to superstar right now.


He has the potential to be very good. He can't let his ego get in his way. Hopefully he can bounce back from his fall back to earth at the end of the season.


I'm here for The Giants and potential DB Cooper encounters.


YES!!!! another sox fan!! first off, im excited to see the lineup too. Im especially interested in how they are going to bat them, I dont think theyve listed a lineup yet. secondly, for some reason unknown to me i do not like jackson. Something about him/ his pitching style i do not like. he better play well or i will just childishly tell everyone I told you so. He definitely has it to be good, but for some reason i just dont want him on my team.

The rest of our starters if all stays healthy should be fine. I think ozzie may start off with a closer by committee. I really like thornton and think he can close, but hes soooo good as a set up man i dont know if its worth taking him away from there. if we dont need him in the 8th then fine bring him in in the 9th but dont hold back. As for sale i think he can be either a great starter or closer. Especially having all the pitches a starter would at his disposal, I think can greatly benefit him as a closer, i.e. tom glavine. We shall wait and see.

The phillies should be a blast to watch this year as well. Same goes for the bosox. Im unusually excited for baseball season this year.


seriously the white sox are looking phenomenal.


...and the San Francisco Giants are still reigning World Series Champions.


I really believe Pujols will re-sign with the Cardinals. There was no incentive for them to do the deal early. Let the market dictate what you have to pay him; that ensures the Cardinals don't overpay.

As for Wainwright, yikes. It's actually a ligament. The ulnar collateral ligament. The good news is that nowadays, there's darn near a 100% chance of recovery after Tommy John surgery; the bad news, is that recovery takes usually at least a year.

That hurts me as a Cardinal fan. I could also be painfully irrational when it comes to Pujols.

Is it 2012 yet?


Honestly, I really don't think there's any way the Cardinals could overpay. They have to resign Pujols no matter how much money it takes. He's the entire team, the entire franchise, and their really isn't a price that can be put on that.

Resigning him isn't a choice, it's something that has to get done.


Nats are gonna be great this year, we got a new $130M outfielder!!!

Oh wait, it's Jayson Werth...


I love Jayson, but that was a very bad contract. His numbers were greatly helped by batting behind Howard, I don't know whether he can be THE GUY.

At least you guys stand a good chance of not finishing last....sorry Mets fans.


I was talking to a couple of folks this past weekend and the general consensus there seems to be that the Cubs will make a run at Pujols.

Money isn't where a team is going to "over-pay" its the length of the contract that is going to fuck somebody over. $30 for 5 or even possibly 7 I would do in a heartbeat, but he's looking for 10.


Lol. And in other news, the Giants are once again cast aside and forgotten about while the Phillies get all the press.......just like last year.

I like the Giants to go to the Series again. They have a mediocre offense, but if Sandoval bounces back and Tejada continues to hit (which he's done every single place he's ever played), their offense won't be as bad as most think it is. The Phillies are overrated. Howard and Utley haven't been able to stay healthy the last two years and they're both in their 30's now, as are The Big Three on the pitching staff. I am skeptical as to whether or not they can stay healthy enough going into the postseason, if they make it.


There's a lot of reasons to think that St. Louis won't sign Pujols. They definitely won't trade him; they'll let him walk away from them rather than even risk creating the impression that they abandoned him. But Pujols wants ten years and doesn't appear to be willing to budge on that. As great as Pujols is, they'd be foolhardy to sign him for $30 million when he's 40 years old. A rumor I keep hearing is that the Cardinals aren't quite sold on 31 being Pujols' official age; they think there's a possibility he might be older than that. This suspicion, combined with the end of the current collective bargaining agreement in 2011, the fact that he DID have a down year last year (even if its down only by his standards) and the fact that there will be other teams (specifically the Yankees, Angels and perhaps even the Dodgers, pending the divorce trial) who can enter the bidding and afford to overpay him makes me think that the only way Pujols signs with the Cards is if he gives them a hometown discount, something he has given every indication he won't do.


He played Triple-A ball in my hometown, and as a Reds fan he was my favorite player on those godawful teams of the 2000s. I've also followed his career since he left, so I have a good perspective on him as well.

He's a typical feast or famine hitter: insane hot streaks where everything he hits is absolutely crushed, and icy cold streaks where he can't buy a foul-tip to save his life. Always ends up with good numbers, is durable as anyone can be, and is actually pretty good in the clutch; he has a lot of walkoff HRs/hits in his career, though he isn't too hot against "lefty specialists." I'm really interested to see how he does this year with some pressure on him but in a much better lineup.

Oh, and GO REDS. NL central is looking light after Wanewright went down, plus Carpenter is due for another injury.


Has to be one of the stupidest contracts of all time. A 31 year old who's never driven in 100 runs gets 20 mil per? This is on par with the Russ Ortiz deal with Arizona...just mind-bogglingly excessive, and especially so given that his numbers shouldn't get any better due to his age.


How about Brandon Belt? A bunch of hype? Guess we'll see when the games start.


Belt could be the real deal, but I think that, given the Giants' propensity for veterans, he'll have to be The Real Deal to displace Burrell in the outfield by moving Huff there and putting Belt at first base. I could possibly envision a scenario in which he platoons with Burrell, with either Burrell and Belt both playing left or Huff moving to left when Belt plays. Even after Posey and Sandoval's first year, I've seen too many Ryan Rohlingers, Todd Lindens and Lance Niekros come through the system to get excited about a position player prospect. I've been deeply scarred, traumatized reall, and it'll take many more prospects making it like Posey did and Sandoval did before I feel comfortable taking off my clothes in front of women again and.........uh, what were we talking about here?