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MLB Playoffs 2010


Well, its MLB playoffs time, starting Oct.6.

Match ups:


Rangers vs Rays

Yankees vs Twins


Reds vs Phillies

Braves vs Giants

What is your prediction?


I'll go first:


Rays & Yankees


Giants & Phllies


I'd like to see Rangers/Phillies in the World Series.


My thoughts are:

With the way the twins have been playing the second half I think it is hard to write them off.

Rangers are hinged on the health of Josh Hamilton.

Giants are definitely dangerous now that they can hit a little this year.

I hate the best of 5 series.......They really need to do something about having a 162 game season decided by a first round playoff series in best of 5 format.


I'll be at Game One of Phillis-Reds and I predict Halladay holds them to 1 run over 8 innings as the Phillies win 4-2. "Lights Out" Lidge allows one run to score and lets the winning run come to the plate just to make it interesting before closing the game out.

I think it will be a Phillies-Yankees rematch in the World Series.


Not really, They already play into early November. If they played a 7 game series in the DS it would be even further and colder.


This weekend was fuckn torture seeing pads beat the giants first two games of the series. Giants having home advantage, and having the lowest ERA in september, they do have a great chance to beat the braves. Got tickets for this friday's game... GOOO GIANTS!!

Giants & Phillies would be a great match up, both teams with awesome pitching.


I believe the season is too long to begin with, i like the idea of so shortening the season by at least two games then they can add them to the playoff. (of course MLB will never do this because they lose precious days of revenue)

regardless, 2-3 days is not going be be significantly longer or colder, I doubt many players or fans would care if the world series ended on november 9th rather than november 6th


The risk of injury goes way up from the cold and it snows in November. I'm sure the players care. Imagine getting hit by a pitch in freezing temperatures.


Minnesota over NY in 5
Tampa Bay over Texas in 3

Giants over Braves in 5
Phillies over Reds in 4

Giants over Phillies in 7
Tampa Bay over Twins 6

Giants over Tampa Bay in 6

I like the Giants' chances over the Phils. They still can't hit for shit, except for the rogue 10-run outburst every once in a while. But they've always hit Oswalt well, Bumgarner, Lincecum, Cain and Sanchex can all outpitch Hamels most days of the week, Blanton isn't going to outpitch any of the Giants starters either, and Halladay has never pitched in the postseason before. Neither have any of the Giants starters except Zito (who sucks cock and probably won't start any games in the postseason), but their top 3 starters can all pitch with Halladay on their best days. It's going to take some luck on the Giants part, but they're used to the pressure now. As good as the Phillies are, the Giants have been playing nailbiters every night since the All-Star break. They've probably played in more one-run, low-scoring games in Aug/Sep than Philly has all year.


Next year's season is scheduled to open the first of April with more games concentrated in warmer areas like Florida, Texas, Ariz., Cal. and Atlanta. The regular season ends on Sep 28 or 29th and by now the divisional series would be underway.


I admittedly don't know the Giants' pitching stats off the top of my head, but I think you might be discounting what Hamels can do. This is his 4th post-season and he is not the same guy he was last year. If the Phils' bats hadn't gone into an offensive coma he would have easily had 17-18 wins this year. The only issue I see with him is that he has had trouble going for the kill and batters consequently foul off a lot of pitches. If a team can get into the Phils' bullpen they have a real shot.

I'm still waiting to hear how Ruiz is doing after the HBP by Hudson yesterday. That looked bad. Schneider has been good as a back-up catcher, but the Phils need Ruiz to get this done. So if any Giants pitchers feel like throwing at McCann, I would not be opposed. I really can't see the Braves putting up much of a fight, though. They have the motivation to win one for Cox, but I don't think they ever fully recovered from the loss of Chipper. With how well he plays the NL East, it would have been a much closer race if he was still in it.

I am glad to see the Reds make the Play offs; I thought they were going to make it last year but couldn't pull it all together. It'll be interesting to see what the Phils can do with Chapman. They are a fast ball hitting team but regularly exceeding 100 mph is insane.

The Yankees are going to need a few favorable calls to beat the Twins. Minnesota in 5.
If the Rays pitch like their capable they beat Rangers in 4.
I'm going full on "homer" and calling the Phils in 3.
Both Wilson and Wagner blow saves in the series but Giants win in 4.


Really surprised people are picking the Twins over the Yanks. I'm really not a fan of the Twins SP


The Yankees rotation has been having a lot of problems aside from C.C. Burnett has looked terrible, Hughes has pitched a lot more innings than they wanted him to, and it still isn't clear whether Pettitte can pull off his usual post-season magic following injury. And honestly I don't even know if Vazquez made the post season roster.

Of course its the Yankees so you never can tell (and it could also just be wishful thinking to shut up the NY fans who have been yapping since last fall) but they looked a little flat near the end; the Sox and Rays really pushed them down the stretch too. I wouldn't be surprised if they win based upon their post season pedigree, but its a harder road than you would have thought back in July.


I say Phils vs. Rays in the world series. Phils win it all again with their 3 stud pitchers and awesome lineup.


I hear what you're saying but CC + Hughes will get them through a short series. Liriano looked terrible in his last 2 starts and the Twins finished the season 2-8 . Not to mention the Twins racked a lot of their wins in a much weaker division while the Yankees played the Rays, Red Sox and Jays 18 times each.


Red Sox are out so... GO GIANTS!!!


I won't except anything less than a Phils/Yankees rematch. Payback time now that the Phils rotation is in order.


Rays over Rangers in 4.

Yankees over Twins in 4.

Phils over Reds in 3.

Giants over Braves in 5.


I think I would die a little inside if I were to see Halladay win a World Series with the Phillies. He spent 11 years in Toronto.


The Phils pitching is going to be tough to beat. Same for the Giants, to a lesser extent.

I'm surprised the damn Braves even decided they wanted to play.