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MLB Hyper Extention

I didn’t catch the player’s name (and I don’t follow baseball) but did anyone else see this poor dude slip off of first base when he was trying to beat out a ground ball? His knee hyperextended. It’s not a fun thing to watch and reminds us that awful injuries can happen at any time, especially in sport.

I think your talking about Marlon Anderson w/the Phillys. turns out it was a “hammy” and he is fine.

I did watch that also…it scared the hell outta me,…huge phils fan .Anderson is a very important cog in that team. Chris Wheeler was going “oh thats def his ankle” . I knew right away it was his hamy though…wow was it ugly. Hey I guess that tuition for athletic training is payin off for something haha. Later, Mike

Yeah, I guessed it was a hyper because of the way his leg slipped and then bent … I guess better for him that it’s a hamstring. But man, it was uncomfortable to watch!

I remember when James Worthy was at North Carolina one game. He was running on a breakaway fast break and his foot turned over while he was going full speed and you could see his leg break - ughh that was nasty. Also remember Joe Theismann’s leg getting broke by Lawrence Taylor on Monday Night Football.

Yea I saw a clip of that. But as hetyey said it turns out to be a hami strain. Which is minor compared to other hypers ive seen (ACL, PCL tears).

what about some fragile athletes, can’t remember his name but he was taken before Jordan and the guy would break his leg just JOGGING, talk about injury prone!!